John Waller:
New Album, New Movie, and Coffee?

Abbie Stancato At Rocking Gods House

A lot’s gone since we last spoke, a new album, and another big Christian movie featuring one of your songs, tell us about it?

Got a new record coming out. I released it independently about a year ago. But since one of the songs got picked up for the movie “War Room,” coming out in August (2015), I got a distribution deal, so we’re re-releasing it as “Crazy Faith.” It was originally titled as “Life Is A Gift.”

One of the songs on the CD has a video titled “Orphan,” which includes your daughter. How did she feel about being a part of the video?

She loved it! We set up to adopt about three years ago. Our desire was to adopt one little girl. Not a baby, but a three to five-year-old girl. I had a dream about this ten-year-old girl from the Ukraine. Actually, I knew she was Eastern European, but I didn’t know where exactly in the dream. But I knew how old she was, and what she looked like. A few days later we found her, she was from the Ukraine. We discovered she had a brother, so we proceeded to adopt both of them. Just before we completed the adoption, we discovered they had a sister who was twelve. So we adopted all three of them. (Laughing) Then on top of that we had a baby for a grand total now of nine kids.

With such a large family, how does that affect how you travel and tour?

For the tour to support the album and movie, I’ll be doing a lot of stuff throughout August, September, and October where I’ll just go and come back. We’re doing a Christmas tour starting around Thanksgiving throughout the Northeast later this year; they’ll be there for that.

Crazy Faith John Waller At Rocking Gods HouseTell me about the album “Crazy Faith?”

This one is about living on faith on a whole ‘nother level. Having to rely on God has been progressive. We are in a place now where we live more on our faith than we ever have.

It also touches on adoption, life, and the value of family and children, as well as the element of worship. It’s about who I am, and what my ministry’s all about.

Tell me about this upcoming movie called “War Room?”

The song “While I’m Waiting” from Fireproof has been my career song. These are the same guys who made Fireproof. They are also the executive producers of this new album. Alex and Stephen Kindrick helped fund it. They were the first people I sent it to when the album was completed. They liked “Crazy Faith” and were hoping to use it in the movie.

Are you doing any work as a music director?

No, I haven’t been a full time worship pastor since 2007. I was full-time on staff at a church in Colorado for four years. Once I started touring again I moved back to Atlanta, Georgia. I lead worship at my church when I can, about one to two times a month.

 Do you miss leading worship every week?

No, I feel like I’m able to appreciate it more when I’m not doing it every week at the same place. I’m not one to take on more dates than my family can deal with. So I feel like I get the best of both worlds.

War Room Movie John Waller At Rocking Gods HouseChristian music has changed dramatically over the years. In your opinion is it for better or for worse?

There’s a lot of good stuff out there. I think there’s been quite a few major movements of worship that have been absolutely huge. It’s amazing to see what movements like The Passion Movement, Hillsong, Hillsong United, The Jesus Culture Movement, and the global impact those worship movements have had. I think it’s great! I don’t know if I’ve seen negatives about it.

I ask that question because I hear many “traditionalists” complain there’s not enough focus on worship, and that worship is becoming nothing more than a show.

There’s a wide spectrum of those things going on. If you don’t like that, then don’t go to a church that does it. You can’t judge and say modern contemporary music is not appropriate. My church is very seeker-oriented on Sunday morning. It is about drawing those who are lost. They opened up with a Journey song this morning (on the Sunday of this interview), it was awesome. [Laughing] Of course, I’m a huge Journey fan. Then they went into some amazing worship. What’s the heart of the worship leader? If the music is coming from a heart of worship, turn up the guitars! But this doesn’t work for everybody. Just because it doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Let’s talk Coffee?

My ministry has always been about sharing my story. I use music as a vehicle for stories about my faith. My wife and I are big coffee people. God’s given my wife and I an idea to launch a coffee company. We’re taking the “Crazy Faith” brand, telling stories, and launching a coffee business/ministry, where we’re sharing other people’s stories of “Crazy Faith.”

It will be a subscription-based company where people who sign up to get our coffee will also get a featured monthly story of faith. If they give the coffee away, they’re giving away an amazing story about stepping out in faith.

We’ll be talking a lot about that when we launch it this fall. I think music is a great vehicle for faith, and so is coffee! There’s just something about relaxing while drinking coffee. It breaks down barriers.

It will be coming soon at Well launch the coffee this fall, and the subscription service in December of this year.