James Culpepper of Flyleaf Talks about the New Album

Josh Bechler Writer for Rocking God's HouseFlyleaf are in the studio recording and finishing up the final touches on their new album with brand new lead vocalist Kristen May. Kristen has been in the band since 2012, and they have been touring relentlessly together — even releasing a live EP in 2013 titled “Who We Are,” which displays the band’s sound and energetic stage presence with new vocalist May. The EP also features guest vocalist Sonny Sandoval from P.O.D. on the song “Something Better.” The band recently announced on Facebook a new album that will be released sometime this year. They followed this announcement up with a teaser video on PledgeMusic.com. Some of the song titles include “City Kids”, “Thread”, “Set Me On Fire”, and “Marionette.” The album is yet to be titled, but I did manage to catch up with Flyeaf’s drummer James Culpepper and discuss the new album, the band’s future with a new vocalist, and what to expect this year from the band.

Tell us about the new album. How will it compare to past albums?

This will be our 4th full length album.  However, it will be our first with Kristen. The songs are really coming together great — with sounds that you have not heard from us yet. I feel that overall it may not be as dark as some of our past records, but there will still be some heavy moments. We have a nice group of songs to pick from, and I can’t wait to get it recorded.
How has the band adapted with new singer Kristen May? What all does she bring to the table?

Adapted? She fit right in. With Kristen only having been with us for just over a year now, I couldn’t imagine a better first year. She has been so great to have on the road. Aside from an amazing voice and strong performer, she has been a very big part in the writing for the new record.

Tell us about your fan interaction opportunities on Pledgemusic.com.

Pledgemusic has opened up good opportunities for us to connect with our fans.  We have been able to share news about the record and song writing as it happens.  Also we have been able to share our hobbies and things we enjoy outside of music. We are blessed to have so many fans that support us, and to hear how Flyleaf’s music has affected people’s lives has been encouraging.

Did you write all of the new songs as a band or were they written before Kristen joined?

All five of us have been involved in writing the songs for the new record. We always write as a band.

Have you grown as a drummer with this new album?

Yes. I hope that I grow as a drummer with every new album. I’ve really tried to challenge myself this time.
How is your touring schedule looking for 2014?
We are very excited to play as many shows as possible this year starting sometime in the summer once the record is finished.

Does Flyleaf consider themselves a Christian band or a band with Christian members?

This question seems to come up often. I guess it would depend on your definition of a Christian band.  We are all Christians that are blessed with the opportunity to play music together.