Is There A Problem With My Singing Voice?

I was in the middle of singing a song, and I was weak on the high notes as I was singing, I felt the sound change, then I could sing them with ease!

Abbie’s Reply…

It sounds to me like you don’t warm up before you sing. I warm up at least thirty minutes before a practice or a performance, and drink LOTS of water.

However, if you sing often, it could be an indication of a larger problem. I had nodules and polyps several times over my thirty some years of singing. It is usually a spot where my voice gets a bit weak or raspy. After singing for a bit, I can over come it. However, in the process, I was straining my vocal cords. That time I had a nodule and polyp.

The most recent time I had a spot which my voice would go into an uncontrollable vibrato. Again, after singing for a bit I could overcome it and work around it… That was a polyp!

I tell you this not to make you paranoid, but after thirty years of singing, I’ve had issues which seemed to be minor, and got worse. Because I am a good singer, I was able to work around vocal problems.

Most of these matters arise because we strain our voices, not enough sleep, lack of adequate water, and mostly lack of vocal warmups.

If you think this may be an issue, you can make an appointment with an Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) specialist. I use one here in Indianapolis who treats many of the best local vocalist. Ask around before getting an exam. Any ENT can look for vocal problems, you want one who can give you advice if something is discovered.

The good news, these issues are very curable without surgery. Get it checked out so you know what you’re dealing with. Better safe than sorry!

Good Luck!

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