Iron Man 3: Great Movie, But is it Good for Kids?

Jillian - Staff Writer - Rockin' God's House.comWe are in a children’s movie drought. There are some new releases in the foreseeable future, but right now it’s PG-13 blockbusters and edgy R-rated movies all around.  I loved “Iron Man 3,” but would I take a child younger than 13 to see it?

“Iron Man” toys are available for many young kids, even though the movies aren’t entirely family friendly.  Robert Downey, Jr. and his character Tony Stark have a lot in common.  They’ve both conquered their hedonist backgrounds of hard drinking, womanizing, and ignoring the needs of all those around them.  In “Iron Man 3,” Tony is still his neurotic self-complete with panic attacks, but he is happily in a committed relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts, does not abuse alcohol, and cares about the welfare of others.  In this installation of the series, he has become a self-sacrificing genius whose chief goal is to take down the terrorist The Mandarin.  It’s really a beautiful transformation.  Tony is the prodigal son.

The movie did earn its PG-13 rating somehow, though.  There are allusions and flashbacks to his playboy past.  The themes of terrorism hit close to home and could definitely be the stuff of nightmares.  There is a great deal of violence, just like you would expect in any action movie, but it is not gory or particularly glorified.  There is also some bad language.

I would, and have recommended, this movie to people 13 and up, but I do think it has potential to be appropriate for children somewhat younger.  You can tell your kids about the prodigal son using Tony Stark as an example.  The movie has quite a few laughs that are often slapstick in nature that anyone could enjoy.  However, I would recommend seeing and judging it for yourself first.  The reality of terrorism could be overwhelming, and Tony’s wild past may not be something you are ready to explain to your kids.  I still think [Close up.] this movie has potential for a younger audience.  It’s refreshing to have something popular and mainstream that you can use to bond with your kids and even incorporate some Christian lessons.  It’s also leaps and bounds more enjoyable than “Iron Man 2.”  I rate this movie an 8/10.