I Want To Sing, But I’m Not Very Good – Can I Improve?

I want to learn to sing better, but I’m not very good. Are there ways I can improve without taking lessons? Like vocal exercises or anything like that? I really don’t have time for singing lessons, but if that’s the only way then that’s fine. Whenever I’m at my friends houses and they’re singing, they sound great. They’re always asking me to sing, too but I’m embarrassed  because I know I’m bad. Is there any way to improve my voice?

Abbie’s Reply…

Are you embarrassed because you are fearful to sing in public, or because you are certain you don’t have a good voice?

Sadly, some people just don’t have the gift of singing. You need truthful opinions which I can’t offer. I would suggest trying out for choir at school, or auditioning for a local church as a singer. Ask them to offer an honest opinion. If you are having problems singing on key and lack pitch, that’s something that can’t be taught and will be a problem. However, if you have good pitch, you can learn the rest. Look up “Singing Lessons” on YouTube.

Here’s the bottom line. There is a very fine line between good & bad, and good & great. Pitchy singers that hit 95% of the notes will only sound good 95% of the time… The other 5% is the difference which makes them bad.

In a worse case, sing just for the fun and enjoyment of it. But if you’re told you’re not a very good singer, please don’t become a gag clip on American Idol. Everyone has gifts. If yours is not singing, maybe it’s playing an instrument or running sound for bands. Find your gift, then become the best at it!

Good Luck

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