I Need Some Singing Tips!

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been singing. I can sing well. I just can’t hit high notes. I can’t afford a vocal coach or anything like that.
Abbie’s Reply…I have been singing my entire life, and I am blessed to have an incredible range. Your voice is a muscle. Think of it like lifting weights. No one starts off being a world class body builder. It takes work, and time. It is so difficult to describe technique in text. Additionally, I could write a novel on all I know.Start with this… Here are my suggestions. Try to practice every day, or at least several times a week. If you have an instrument around, start by figuring out your range… low note to high note. Then begin to practice.Start with your lowest note. Sing very softly using your diaphragm to support the note. Sing it evenly and hold it as long as you can. Then go up to the next note until you get up to the notes that begin to strain your voice. Back off to the note just before the strain, and work it. Sing it using different vowels and work to strengthen just that note. Work the muscle. As it begins to get tired, go down to your lowest notes and do the same. Strengthen your voice by hold it as long as possible, and by singing different vowels.Now sing scales – Sing up five notes and back down. Do not use too much pressure. Sing very softly and start with just the E vowel. Singing very softly, hold the last note. Do this with different letters and vowels. It sounds boring, but it works. You will discover notes throughout your range that are weaker than others. In some cases it might just be the singing of some vowels along your range which are more difficult than others. Work Them! Work for perfection. Try to minimize the vibrato. Go for a controlled even pitch! Eventually, you should have enough control to approach those higher notes with more confidence.

Please remember… ALWAYS warm up your vocals before singing. At least fifteen to thirty minutes. Drink PLENTY OF WATER… All the time! Do sit-ups to strengthen your stomach and diaphragm. I really hope this helps. Good Luck!

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