How long did it take you to start playing songs on the guitar?

Marco Asked… “So, I can play a few basic songs on guitar, but I can’t play others. It’s nothing hard or complex either. How long did it take you to build up a good sense of rhythm/beat on guitar to play songs?”

It took me a while to get really good on the guitar. The best way to learn is to just do it. Find others to play with; it will motivate you to learn songs. Consider going to your local guitar store and post an ad asking for other beginners to jam with. I am a music director for a church. I often use the opening song as an opportunity for new musicians to get their start. So consider looking for a small contemporary Christian church, and ask for an opportunity to play.

Additionally, there is YouTube and if you type “Guitar Tabs” into Google you will find sites where others will show you how to play guitar using a simple method called guitar tablature. One other opportunity is guitar lessons. Tell the instructor the specific songs you want to learn.

Some songs may seem simple to play, but take techniques which take time to master. Additionally, the understanding of guitar effects is a tremendous help. Again, go to YouTube, they have the superstars on guitar who explain and demo their equipment. They get paid to endorse product and are happy to show you how to use it.

I have been playing guitar for over thirty years. there is no substitute for practice. I play well, and I’m still learning riffs, tips and technique.

It usually takes a year or so of serious playing and practice to become okay on guitar.

Good Luck!