Holly Spears Talks Boots & Bling,
And The New Film “Nail 32”

Writer and Entertainment Journalist Josh Belcher - Rocking God's House (Cropped)Holly Spears has released a new music video for the touching self-penned song “Who Says” from the upcoming faith-based film “Nail 32.” The film also features Holly in the lead role. The song is featured on Holly’s first country EP cleverly titled “Boots and Bling,” which is currently available on iTunes and www.hollyspears.com. The music video “Who Says” was produced by True Artists Studio LLC and was filmed on location in Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

About the movie: In “Nail 32,” Spears plays a Nashville country singer who goes back to Texas to spend time with her family in need. Her father played by Brad Johnson (“Always,” “Left Behind”) is a legend not only in the cowboy world but the Christian world as well. As a young man he was told he couldn’t be a cowboy and a Christian at the same time, so he sold his saddle and laid down the rodeo life. As he matures, he finds out that he can do both — that God has use for his talents as well as his faith.
The movie from JC Films and Flying T Entertainment also stars Lea Pennick (A&E’s “American Hoggers”), Shelton Murphy, and some well-known Texas cowboy heroes. The soundtrack, in addition to “Who Says,” also includes four additional tracks from Spears.  Visit www.nail32.com for more information.

Holly Spears Boots And Bling At Rocking Gods HouseThe song “Who Says” is a great emotional tune. Did you write it yourself?
Yeah, I write most of my songs except I have done covers of “Country Road” and some hymns and Christmas songs.
What was the inspiration for the song “Who Says?”
I grew up in a little town, and I always dreamed of being a singer and being out on the road. I kind of inspiration from watching different TV shows, and I finally got up the courage to move away when I graduated from high school, and then some of the story is fictitious about how the girl has won three Grammys — I haven’t done that yet [laughs], I would love to. That is the part of the story that I wanted to make: the girl who gets up the courage to move away, and then she becomes very successful and then realizes she misses home, so that is true for me. I have moved back home a few time. I found that it is better for me to move away and grow in my career and come visit home as much as I can. mostly based on my life, but I edited and added in some other things [laughs].
Is this your acting debut?
This was my second movie, but it was my lead acting debut. I had this little cameo in another movie called “One Church.” This is the third movie that my music’s been in but, this is my acting debut in a lead role.
What was the process for learning all of your lines? Was it tough?
Holly Spears Boots And Bling Album Cover At Rocking Gods HouseIt was really intimidating [laughs]. I was, like, please God don’t let me forget my lines, but then I kind of got back into the mode of I was in [when I did] drama in high school, and I remembered that I used to do things this way, and so I practiced with my husband and that helped a lot. I got familiar with the lines. My movie dad on set, Brad Johnson, he was the pilot on the movie series “Left Behind,” and he really just helped me along, gave me tips, and then it actually became really natural, and I got really into my character, and then it became really hard to get out of her [laughs] as I ended some scenes.
Could you give a little more detail about the movie “Nail 32?”
The movie is about a man who was a cowboy and he went to church one Easter Sunday and he decided he wanted to dedicate his life to God and as he started going to church, we call them the hens, the busy bodies of the church [laughs], told him that there aint no cowboys in the Bible — you can’t be a cowboy and a Christian at the same time. And so he laid down being a cowboy…

[Note: She told me more, but it was too exciting to give away in this article. And I’m not one for spoiler alerts, just go see the movie you will enjoy it.]
I like your new EP title Boots and Bling. Who came up with that?
It was my idea. I had originally wanted a small town girl feel because God is really pointing me to get back to my roots in all ways. So I have gone back to my natural hair color [laughs], my country roots, and just embracing all the parts of my roots. I got a horse again like when I was little. I got lop eared rabbits, and I’m trying to really embrace all of the parts of me, and at first I had “Small Town Girl,” and I thought, “Well, that has been done a million times,” and I was on the tractor one day with my husband and I just said “Boots and Bling,” and he’s like, “What?” [laughs] I said, “Now I wear cowgirl boots and bling. It’s like city and country. I am a mix of all of it, and I want to embrace all of it — getting back to my roots and getting back to the way God wanted me to be.”