Ask Abbie: Heard A Song On The Radio – Help Me Find The Name!

I heard a song on a Christian radio station yesterday, and I can’t figure out the name of the song. I thought the name of the song was “Emanuel,” but when I searched it on the web, the lyrics don’t match. How can I find the song?

Abbie’s Reply…

Abbie Stancato of Rocking Gods HouseThis is much easier than most questions I receive. Just call the radio station. They get calls like yours all the time. Tell the person answering the phone the approximate time and date you heard the song. Radio stations are required to keep records of every song played. Most stations are more than pleased to assist. Furthermore, many of the ratio stations offer their play list online.

I have an extensive database of songs and performed a lyric search. There’s a possibility it could be the song “God With Us” by Mercy Me. The song has the lyric “Emanuel, God with us” in the hook line, and could be mistaken as the name of the song.

Perhaps some of my readers can offer their suggestions! Good Luck!