Hawk Nelson’s New Vocalist Jonathan Steingard Talks To Rocking God’s House!

Josh Belcher of Rockin' God's HouseHawk Nelson front man Jonathan Steingard has had a whirlwind ride as of late. He went from being the lead guitarist of the band to front man in a matter of two years. Now he explains what happened within the group when Jason Dunn the band’s lead vocalist left the band in 2012 and how they picked up the pieces and moved on. We also discussed Hawk Nelson’s chart-topping song “Words,” featuring Bart Millard of Mercy Me. Things are going nowhere but up for this Christian Rock powerhouse from Peterborough, Ontario.

After completing their summer tour, they will be heading out this fall on the United We Stand Tour with the likes of Building 429, The Afters, and Finding Favour. They have a new album titled Made on which every song is an easy sing-along, so I suggest you grab it, because they will be coming to a city near you!

“Words” Is An Amazing Song! I Can’t Seem To Get Enough Of It. Can You Tell Us The Inspiration Behind It?

We’ve been through a ton of changes as a band recently, and through it all we really noticed the power that words have in our lives. Specifically the encouragement that we felt from so many family and friends. It’s really a huge part of what spurred us on through the difficult times, and it felt right to write a song about it. I know it’s something we’ve all experienced, and it’s a great reminder to me to always make an effort to be encouraging to others with my words.

Bart Millard Of Mercy Me Is Also On “Words.” How Did That Collaboration Come To Be?

Bart was actually a big part of why I became the singer of the band. He really encouraged me to step into the role, and I’m not sure I would have done it without that little push. He embodied the meaning of the song for us, and it made sense to have him come sing on the song as a result.

With Jason Dunn’s Departure, You Guys Seemed To Pull Together And Manage Pretty Well. Did It Bring You Closer As A Group?

It really did bring us together. If anything I think it reminded us that we have something special—something worth digging in and fighting for. I think we appreciate each other more than ever now.

Tell Us About The United We Stand Tour.

We’re stoked to be out touring with Building 429, The Afters, and Finding Favor. It’s going to be a great tour! All four of us bring something a little different to the mix, and I think it will make for an awesome night.

How Do You [Jonathan Steingard] Liking Your New Role Doubling As Lead Vocals And Lead Guitar?

Well I’ve been gradually phasing out of playing the guitar. We’ve got a guitarist named Micah who’s been doing an awesome job, and that’s freed me up to focus on vocals. It’s been a crazy transition for me, but I’m loving being a singer!