Hannah’s Purse Drive – What’s In A Purse? A Gift From God?

Philippians 2:4 – Not looking to your own interests, but each of you to the interests of the others.

 Josh Belcher At Rocking Gods HouseIt’s hard to believe the theme of this passage would ever enter the mind of a teenage girl. However, a special girl named Hannah Bryant lives up to it.

So what’s in a purse? I’m not entirely certain. It’s a secret place, full of mystery and wonder. A place men should never go—full of make-up, nail polish, credit cards, or perhaps the final resting place of Jimmy Hoffa? Only UFOs and Bigfoot have more mystery than a woman’s purse.

However, ask Hannah Bryant what’s in a purse, and she’ll provide an entirely new meaning.

At the age of twelve, Hannah began a ministry. Her slogan is “spreading God’s love one purse at a time.” I’ve had the privilege of knowing this young lady for years. I get teary eyed each time I visit her website, and experience the good she provides for young girls in need. She began her ministry believing God was calling her to show young girls love, hope, and a future—the future God has planned for each one them! Hannah Bryant is now eighteen and still very hard at work.

While most teenagers are concerned about which new electronic gadget they’ll be getting for Christmas, Hannah Bryant is working side by side with Santa to make sure that less fortunate girls have a great Christmas.

Hannah was kind enough to make two purses for my daughters one year. However, to call it a purse is an understatement. These bags are loaded with so many items, I had to consider a few gym sessions and a personal trainer just to get them home! She provides the latest toys and trends young girls want and enjoy.

Hannah is the epitome of infectious love. Her life exemplifies Jesus’s teachings when He asks us to love one each other. Hannah and her family are wonderful people. I am proud to call them my friends.

I asked Hannah to describe he ministry:

Tell us about the “Hannah’s Purse Drive.” Why did you decide to do it?
At twelve, I was cleaning my closet and found some nice purses I’d outgrown. I wanted to do something special with them. After a few days of thought, I decided to offer them to girls in need. I choose my church’s food bank as a location to offer young girls a nice purse of their own. I purchased things like markers, notepads, stickers, nail polish, cards, and games to include in the purses.

What are the ages of the girls you help?
The target age group is from four to eighteen, but we usually end up giving them to the ages of two to twenty. I’ve never had to turn anyone away.

How many purses have you given away?
So far I’ve handed out over one thousand purses. Each year it grows and so does the support. I raised every dollar through fund raisers and donations. I work through various groups such as The Family Center, The Hope House, The Casa of Maury County, The Boys and Girls Club, and Columbia Housing to get the names of girls in need.

How many girls do you estimate you will help this year?
I’m planning to hand out about two-hundred-fifty purses to local girls. This year I’m expanding to Kentucky. I’m going back to a school in Hayden, Kentucky, I once visited on a mission trip to help poverty stricken families in the mountains. I hope to provide them with about fifty to seventy-five purses.

How can people help you if they want to donate and support your cause?

We need a fifteen passenger van and a thousand dollars for the trip to Hayden, Kentucky.

Additionally, we’re doing a campaign called “A Dollar A Day,” so for thirty dollars you can sponsor a girl for Christmas. Each girl will receive a new purse and a “First Farmers” reusable shopping bag full of items such as a Bible, makeup, mirrors, brushes, deodorant, make-up bag, jewelry, cards, books, shoes, socks, handmade scarf, lip-gloss, nail polish and lots more. Each year it gets bigger and better.

Hannah is a wonderful person who wants to spread the love of God one purse at a time. For additional information on how to donate or support the cause, please visit her website.