Group Worships in Front of White House
For 50 Days

Writer Kevin Ott At Rocking Gods House

The National Park Service — and the federal government in general — caught a lot of flak in 2013 during the government shut-down when federal bosses ordered National Park Service personnel to “close down” WWII monuments in Washington D.C. — even though these locations are in public spaces — by setting up barriers.

But now I’m wondering if the National Park Service has redeemed itself.

Earlier this month, reported on something extraordinary: a group has organized 50 days of intercessory prayer for the nation combined with non-stop worship around-the-clock in front of the White House, all culminating (and ending) on Election Day next week.

And the National Park Service actually had a hand in making this happen.

Bound4Life-Worship-At-The-White-House-At-Rocking-Gods-HouseThe article had the following quote from the founder of the 50 day worship event, Jason Hershey: ”We are honored to be here at the privilege of the National Park Service,” Hershey notes. “They’ve been great to work with throughout the permitting process.”

It’s a little stunning, actually. In a world where the Obama Administration — and the federal government in general — is seen as this virulently anti-Christian entity (and justifiably so, in certain cases), here we have the federal government welcoming an intense 24/7 effort of prayer and worship — prayer and worship exclusively to Jesus, I might add, not some inclusivist, pantheistic expression — on the White House Ellipse, which is a public park just south of the White House fence.

The article also quotes founder Hershey saying this about the event: “The issue at stake here is valuing Jesus as He should be valued — this is a 24/7 worship service for 50 days, simply because Jesus is worthy of it. David, even as a young shepherd boy, understood that God was the most important thing to his life!”

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