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Acoustic Slide Guitar Video Lesson:
The Basics of Bottleneck Slide By Orville Johnson of JamPlay!


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Slide guitar had its roots in early blues and country music (originated in Hawaii According to Instructor / Teacher Orville Johnson). I’ve been incorporating slide guitar into songs for years. Third Day offers several songs which incorporate slide into standard tuning. Eventually you will run across a Christian song which utilizes slide guitar.

Orville Johnson is a Blues Instructor, teaches the basics of the bottleneck slide. He will cover choosing a slide, proper technique as well as several exercises. Instructor Orville Johnson began singing in his Pentecostal church as a young boy, in rock bands in middle school, then took up the guitar at 17, with early influences from Doc Watson, Rev. Gary Davis, Mississippi John Hurt, and Chuck Berry.

LESSON TARGET: Praise Team Slide Guitar
CHRISTIAN GENRE FOCUS: Christian Acoustic or Electric Guitar
DURATION: 17 Minutes &  07 Seconds