Flyleaf Guitarist Jared Hartmann
Talks about His Side Project “Each Other”

Josh Bechler Writer for Rocking God's HouseJared Hartmann has a very interesting side project. When he is not touring, playing guitar for platinum selling rock band Flyleaf, he collaborates with his wife Kat Hartmann in a band they have titled Each Other. While Jared is on the road with Flyleaf, Kat is the worship leader at Bethel Church West Campus located in Belton, Texas. Most notably, you can check them out on their Facebook page where they post praise and worship songs quite frequently and interact with fans. It is an interesting outlet of Christian indie music, and it is a collaboration between one of my favorite guitarists and his wife. The family that prays together stays together, and Each Other’s music proves just that in its own unique way.

How long have you been collaborating as a music group?

We’ve played music and lead worship together since we were teenagers. Songwriting is something that just naturally flowed out of our music history together and our relationship, though it took a little longer to progress. We’ve been songwriting together steadily for the past four years or so.

What kind of audience does your music target?

Flylead Side Project Each Other -- Jared and Kat HartmannRight now, mostly dogs and a baby since we write and record at home. All joking aside, we want our music to be accessible to everyone. We write about what we’re going through in life and our feelings. We always want our music to be honest and help us and others see that there is hope in every situation. We’re always encouraged when we hear how our music has spoken to people right where they are, whether they are Christians or unbelievers. One of the things we always pray before we record is that God would let His presence rest in every note that is played and sung. We’re humbled when we hear that one of our songs made someone feel happy, warm, encouraged or hopeful because we know that is God responding to us.

What is the band’s message?

Our message is hope, and that Jesus Christ makes life fun and gives life meaning.

How did you come up with the name Each Other?

A couple of years ago we were trying to come up with a name for our songwriting project. We wanted the name to reflect what was most important to us in life. I (Kat) asked Jared what he thought was the most important part of our life and he responded, “each other.” It had a nice ring to it and the name stuck with us. It has come to represent not only the strength that we have in each other as a married couple, but it also is meant to convey the fact that we are stronger in life when we have someone to lean on, rather than trying to do life alone.

Did your wife audition to be the new vocalist for Flyeaf?

No, she did not audition. Kat’s heart has always been set on songwriting and being a worship leader.

When does your album/ep come out?

We had plans to release a 4 song EP over the summer but that got postponed due to the birth of our daughter. We want to put out an album someday, but right now we are mostly focusing on songwriting together and co-writing with other people. Kat is on staff at our church right now as a worship leader and Jared is getting ready to record another record with Flyleaf. There will be an album for sure, but it will probably come out sometime after this next record cycle with Flyleaf. Until then, we’ll keep posting songs that we have been working on to social media sites to hold people over.


Fans can learn more about this project at:

YouTube – Each Other Music