Mr. Rogers would have turned 90 years old today.

Like millions of people, I have very fond memories of watching Mister Rogers on TV. My daughter has also become a fan as his old episodes have become available on streaming platforms. I’ll find her binge watching several of his episodes at a time on weekends. She’s also loved “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood,” a modern Mister Rogers spin-off.

With a show that has generations of adoring fans, it’s no wonder that filmmakers are beginning to dive into Mister Rogers in greater detail. The new documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor, directed by Morgan Neville (“20 Feet from Stardom,” “Johnny Cash’s America”) is nearing its June 8, 2018 release date, and the first trailer just came out today.

And it’s clear from trailer: this film will give us a wonderfully enriching portrait of the man so many people love, and it will likely do it with the same spirit of intellectual enrichment, love and kindness, and childlike curiosity that made the work of Fred Rogers so endearing and timeless.

Hint: when the trailer alone starts to get you choked up, you know the movie is likely fantastic.

(And happy birthday, Mr. Rogers!)