Fireflight has put a very unique acoustic spin on their last album INNOVA. The alternative metal Christian rock band decided to strip it down and go acoustic with string accompaniments and add a new spin on the songs themselves with the EP cleverly named “RE-IMAG-INNOVA.”

The band is growing both musically and spiritually, dedicating this current season of their lives to new diverse side projects and planning for new and exciting stuff in Fireflight’s future.

Dawn Michele, lead singer of Fireflight, was kind enough to discuss some of these exciting things in detail:

Please tell me about the acoustica (as I’ve nicknamed it):

A little while ago we released an album called INNOVA, and then just about ten days ago we released an acoustic EP with five songs from INNOVA that are totally reworked. It was a lot of fun and we are pretty excited about it.

So is this acoustic EP with the full band or just yourself and a guitar? Give us the details.

It is actually a lot of interesting stuff. There are vocals, there are guitars, there are also some string instruments. It’s pretty cool and it’s been totally reworked completely. It has a totally different sound and it gives people the opportunity to kind of re-experience the songs with a whole new feel. Or someone who may not have enjoyed them in the first place, an opportunity to enjoy them this time. We did the EP with Jeff Dunkin who was one of the producers on INNOVA, and he did an incredible job re-imagining the songs, hence the name “RE-IMAG-INNOVA.”

Are you going to tour with this EP? 

No, we are actually taking a step back from touring this year. We are working on some other projects on our own, but we are going to be heading over to Brazil this summer.

You have had your hair black and gold before SIA ever came into the mainstream music picture. Has she ever given credit to you or admitted she took your hair style? 

[Laughs] Well, I think you will probably have a hard time of convincing her of that. Sometimes people will come up to me and say, “Oh, I like your hair, it’s like that girl on ‘The Voice.’ Do you do your hair to look like hers?” And I say, “Um, well, not exactly. I have had my hair like this off and on for maybe 10 or 12 years.”


Dawn and I also discussed her side project endeavors; however, they are on the top secret level at the time this interview was conducted, so, unfortunately, no further information can be disclosed at this time.