Embers in Ashes Talks about New Album “Killers and Thieves”

Josh Bechler Writer for Rocking God's HouseEmbers in Ashes are taking charge of 2014 with a February release of their sophomore album Killers and Thieves. Already floating through the nation’s airwaves is the album’s first single “Into My Arms,” which is currently sitting at #14 on the Christian Billboard Chart and climbing! This five-piece melodic hard rock band out of Birmingham, Alabama is a true force to be reckoned with: heavy vocal harmonies, solid rhythm section dynamics, and racing guitar riffs with a hint of southern charm and hospitality — as they are a band known for connecting on a personal level with their fans. With this new year not only will Alabama be known for championship football, they will also be known as the home of great Christian rock music — thanks to the group Embers In Ashes! The band has released past albums with Red Cord Records (though the new one is not listed on Red Cord’s release roster). Regardless of their status with the label, they have a bright future according to Red Cord Records President Joey Matthews, who had this to say about the group on their bio: “Embers In Ashes is one of those bands that are exactly the same off stage as they are on stage. It’s exciting to see a band earnestly seek after what God has for their ministry, and we are confident this next record will not only be a reflection of their heart but will touch many and reflect the image of Christ.”

[Update: On 3/6/14, after contacting the band about their status with Red Cord, they confirmed that they are no longer signed with Red Cord and have released the new album independently.]

With the new record launch on the horizon and the impact of the new single, I spoke with Jeremy Bates the lead vocalist about the band’s future:

Tell us about the new album.

Killers and Thieves is our sophomore album, and it is our best yet! We are so excited about it. The songs are passionate and powerful, and we could not be more proud of this album and what God is going to do with it!

“Into My Arms” is climbing the Christian Billboard charts; how does this make you feel?

We are stoked at how well “Into My Arms” is doing. We are humbled by the positive response that we have gotten, and we give God all the glory.

Are you guys getting geared up for a tour?

Oh, yes indeed. I can’t talk about it much right now, but we should be out in March on an album release tour.

I like your electronica rock sound on the song “Into My Arms”! Who are some of your influences musically?

Our influences range from pop to metal — I could take hours just going through a list [laughs]. Without spoiling the rest of the album, I will say that “Into My Arms” is sort of unique.

How did you guys come up with the name Embers In Ashes?

“Embers In Ashes” sounds cooler that “Beauty In Ashes” [laughs]. The band name is our life’s story. It is our way of saying God has taken something dead and given it life. He has given us life in a world full of death.

What is your role in the band?

I sing while on stage — off stage I’m the band’s “dad.” I manage the band and handle booking also.

What is your favorite bible verse?

Isaiah 61:1:

“The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me,
because the Lord has anointed me
to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
to proclaim freedom for the captives
and release from darkness for the prisoners…”

I have heard you guys have a real connection with your fans. Is this important to the band to be able to connect with people?

Yes and yes. God allows us to do music, not because we need to be on stage or even because we like the music: it is so we can sing the message that He has given us. The best way to get the message out and make an impact on the lives of the folks that listen to our music is to connect with them. I would rather make friends than fans.