Duck Dynasty Turns Water Into Wine?

Josh Belcher At Rocking Gods HouseDrink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake and thine often infirmities” -1 Timothy 5:23, King James Version

The Robertsons are taking the Apostle Paul’s advice to Timothy seriously. Trinchero Family Estates in Napa Valley, California welcomed Willie and Korie Robertson of Duck Commander, A&E’s Duck Dynasty, on November 17-19. They met to discuss their collaboration and to celebrate the successful launch of “Duck Commander Wines.” During their visit, Willie Robertson and his wife Korie toured the Duck Commander wine production facilities and bottling area of the wines which will include Triple Threat, 2011 Red Blend, Wood Duck 2012, Chardonnay, and Miss Priss Pink Moscato.

Being the fan that I am of Duck Dynasty, I often ask myself, “What will Duck Commander think of next?” So far in recent months I have seen candy bars, dog chew toys and treats, chia-pets, and music head phones — just to name a few. Now there is wine.

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I asked Willie and Korie their thoughts on the new wine products. Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson commented:

“We’ve had a good time here in the Napa Valley and enjoyed learning more about the Trinchero family and their business and brands. Seeing the Duck Commander wines being bottled live, watching the project come together, and celebrating their release was very special to Korie and me.”

Korie Robertson added:

“It’s a good, affordable wine, and it tastes great. Our customers are gonna love it, and I think the Trinchero family was the perfect partnership for us because we’re a family business and we love to work with other family businesses. We’re all really proud of this wine.”

I also had the chance to interview Nora Feeley of Trinchero Family Estates and ask some questions about the new Duck Commander Wine:

Q: How did you get paired up with Duck Commander for this venture?

A: The Duck Commander executives decided to create Duck Commander Robertson Family wines because they knew that many of their customers and viewers choose to celebrate family moments with wine. They knew they needed to find a family company in the heart of wine country that could produce authentic, quality wines, which led them to Trinchero Family Estates. The two organizations are a perfect pairing as Trinchero Family Estates and Duck Commander are two family-owned companies that share a passion for wine and a commitment to quality and family values.

Q: How many wines will Duck Commander offer?

A: The Duck Commander Wines portfolio currently includes three wines: The Triple Threat 2011 Red Blend, Wood Duck 2012 Chardonnay, and Miss Priss 2012 Pink Moscato.

Q: Where and when will it be available for purchase?

A: Duck Commander Wines are currently available at Wal-Mart in many states and will be available in additional retail locations nationally beginning in January 2014.

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