Debra Black Shares Story Behind
“God In Every Season”

Josh-Belcher-At-Rocking-gods-HouseI recently had the chance to interview Debra Black. I was intrigued throughout the conversation.

Not only because she has just released her first album after more than a decade of being a performer.

And not only because of the whirlwind of popularity that she is garnering among fans and peers of the Christian community.

But what struck a chord with me was how her main focal point throughout the whole conversation was God and God’s love. You could hear it in her voice. There was something authentic resonating. Just speaking with her gave my spirit a much needed boost.

We discussed her experiences with music and her release of her new album God In Every Season. Based out of Atlanta, she led worship for more than a decade before she decided to release her debut album. She is a founder of Worship on the Square, a non-profit organization that brings the church body together in various city centers to bring the Presence of God to those places through worship and to bring awareness to certain social causes.

Her album was produced by Josh Williams and is available on every digital outlet, including iTunes and Amazon. For more information, visit the official website at You can also read the official Rocking God’s House review of her new album here.

You have been a musician for over a decade; why release your debut album now?

Debra Black God In Every Season Album At Rocking Gods HouseI have actually been getting the question a lot lately. It really came down to God’s timing. I have been doing worship for ten years. I really feel like that, over the course of time, the Lord had to really teach me what worship was in order for me to even be able to write songs. It really came down to about three years ago where a friend of mine challenged me, “You know, hey, you love to write, you are a writer, have you thought about writing songs?” And I started praying and got involved in a great writing situation with a friend of mine who is a writer here in Nashville. We just got together at the time and opened the Word of God and talked about a lot of different things that the Lord was trying to teach us, like trust and all of these things, and we really took scripture and it came alive through the process of that, and I finally have these songs and we were like, alright let’s start recording them and tracking them. So really the album process was over the course of three years. It set its own tone and really turned out the way that God wanted it.

I like the album title. Could you discuss that a little more with us? How did you choose it?

The story behind the album is the title. Obviously with the picture on the album cover it is a tree with every season represented. I just had this moment that I call a God moment: I was at a gas station and at home in Georgia at the time; it was a beautiful fall day, and it was really windy, and this huge gust of wind just blew past the gas station, and I just closed my eyes and it was just the clearest visual I have ever had of this tree with every season represented on it, and I felt like the Lord was just speaking to me. I was going through a time in my life where I was having to surrender a lot of things where God was asking for me to lay down some things that I had been holding on to, and I was kind of fighting with Him about it. I didn’t really feel ready to start to let go, and He was like, “No, it is ready, you can let it go,” and it was just a really hard transition time and the Lord was just speaking to me. Fall is the dying time, it is the death, and yet look how beautiful it can be and looking around and realizing it is beautiful — and how beautiful surrender can really be. In Ecclesiastic 3, God states there is a purpose and deeper meaning of the seasons and for everything under heaven.

So you have done some stuff for TBN recently? What was that experience like?

Debra Black And The Glam Squad At Rocking Gods HouseOkay, I am going to be 100% honest with you. I had no idea what I was walking into [laughs]. I walked in, and I felt like a fish out of water a little bit because it was awesome and they are great people, but everyone that was there is what I consider to be kind of a more high profile artist. It was great. They were a wonderful spiritual team who really desired to honor the Lord in what they were doing as far as TBN with the youth. It was really professional, and I had a great time. It was a really busy shoot as they were also trying to fit in stuff from the Dove Awards and had a bunch of different artists.