Dave Pittman – An American (Idol) Hero – Part 2

Diana - Staff Writer - Rockin' God's House

Since the First American Idol season started, Dave Pittman dreamed of putting himself front and center on the Idol stage. In 2009, he packed up his Mitsubishi Eclipse and drove himself over seven hours from Arkansas to Dallas. He slept on concrete the first two days. . .just like you see on television. He remembers praying before walking on the floor to audition. It was only he and God in that moment. What’s amazing. . . in that moment, he prayed for God’s will, knowing he would be alright whether he made it to Hollywood or not.  God took no time showing Dave His will. Some of you may remember Hollywood actor and American Idol guest panelist, Neil Patrick Harris telling Dave he was “crazy brave” during his audition. He was right, Dave is absolutely not short on bravery. For the Dallas auditions, there were over 11,000 people who tried out. Dave was one of the 24 who made it through to Hollywood.

Most people do not realize there are two to three auditions before you reach the Idol judges. He started auditioning in June and did not get through to Hollywood until August. During that time, they came and filmed the life story for Dave that they would air on American Idol for all the world to see. Then it was from August to January before he ever made the trip to Hollywood. His Idol dreams ended in the top 70 that year, but God was already opening doors for Dave. In this experience he learned a lot about music and the business of music.

With the Idol stage in the rear view mirror, Dave decided it was time for a big change in his life. If he was going to pursue this road called music, then he needed to be where music was made. Nashville was in the future and would soon become his home. Also during this time, he met his manager Todd Puckett. Todd saw Dave on Idol. Being an Arkansas boy himself, he took notice of Dave’s performance. Todd saw Dave’s crazy talent and sought Dave out on Facebook. And the rest as they say. . . is history.

Dave’s current album is aptly titled “Crazy Brave” (title obviously inspired by Neil Patrick Harris’s assessment of Dave during his audition). If you have not had a chance to listen to his work, I would highly recommend you visit www.davepittmanlive.com or iTunes now, and see what this man is all about. Songs like “Sometimes You Fall” and “Crazy Brave” will inspire you. While “Love Like This” and “Meaning of Love” will show you a completely different side of Dave. Dave co-wrote Crazy Brave. When asked if he found a new passion for song writing, he was quick to tell me that his passion will always be singing. His fans, I’m sure, are happy to hear that.

What’s next for Dave Pittman? He is so excited to be using this album as an avenue to speak to children and teens. He wants his music and message to affect people’s lives and have meaning. His message of hope and courage through bullying and difficult times inspires all who hear his message. To watch him speak, so heart felt, about what he went through in his life creates a connection on such a parallel level. At one time or another, everyone has felt left out, put down, and struggled with life. But in the instant you see the amazing man Dave Pittman has become, on the other side of his trials, it give us all a little hope and courage. Hope for the future and courage to face what comes our way. . . It cannot be half as bad as what Dave has faced, right? As he moves forward, he speaks with great excitement about this mission God has him on. You know, maybe there are three things that I learned about Dave Pittman in this interview. Yes, he is crazy brave, crazy honest, and crazy talented — but more than anything, he is crazy for God. . . and it does not get much better than that!

Staff Writer – Rockin’ God’s House
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