Josh Belcher of Rockin' God's HouseDarlene Zschech – Revealing Jesus – A Journey on CD!

Darlene Zscehch truly packs a punch in her latest contribution to the Christian music cause. She has the voice of an angel. It is only fitting she uses it to praise God. “Revealing Jesus” offers so many soothing and melodic songs such as “Jesus I love Thee”, my personal favorite! It is like a lullaby designed to comfort a newborn adjusting to his or her new life on earth.

Every song is as uplifting as the next. Get lost in the purity of “I Am Yours”, feel the grace and peace. She is a woman from “Down Under” in Australia. She has a way about her that is so very uplifting. You can just sense how much she puts her heart and soul into every song she sings.

“Yours Forever,” from the middle of the CD, is the song that will get the most air play in my opinion, and will draw people to Darlene’s style and music.  For those who hear this song apart from the “Revealing Jesus” CD, it will generate curiosity about her entire library, and cause many to seek out this latest project.

Darlene Zschech has a true passion for God, and it shows in this new project. “Revealing Jesus” is an CD worth picking up. It is purely a very mild and melodic album, with a surprise from the song “In Jesus’ Name”. It takes you out of the Tranquility, and makes you want to praise and shout — and dare I say, even dance a smidge. Other songs with a kick of energy are “All That We Are,”  “Best of Me,” and “God is Here.

This CD is a journey! One which begins with a break down, and a moment of reflection of one’s relationship with Christ. The journey closes with the realization of the love God has for us.  You’ll feel an urge to jump for joy. Then, as you are on the edge of your seats, all tuckered out, she closes out with “Jesus at the Center.” You come full circle. It is an album which truly has everything to offer, in every aspect of worship in your life. This is truly music to my heart and ears!

The 365 Devotional, CD & DVD are all included in this journey. What an adventure to have musical, visual and reading material to guide you along the path. If you are a God warrior, a newly found follower of Christ, or a person of curiosity trying to find peace and comfort in your life, you will truly be able to find it all with Darlene Zschech’s “Revealing Jesus!”

Darlene Zschech’s CD/DVD set is a product of Integrity Music, and is now available!