Dan Johnson of Christian Metal Band Love and Death

Josh Bechler Writer for Rocking God's House

Dan Johnson the drummer, in my opinion, is a part of the greatest rhythm section in Christian metal music today. He shreds on the kit and sets the tone for any up-and-coming drummer interested in Rocking God’s House! He, alongside Mike Valentine — aka “Val” — are the backbone of Brian “Head” Welch’s contribution to Christian metal known as Love and Death. Being a drummer myself who has had the privilege to play music alongside bassist Mike Valentine, let’s just say you have to have your chops in order. Dan holds his own without a problem, completely dominating the skins and tubs of the drum kit.

Dan Johnson Drummer of Love And Death At Rocking Gods House

Brian “Head” Welch — who is known the world over as the lead guitarist of secular metal music mainstay Korn — has, in the past year, decided to rejoin Korn, record a brand new album entitled The Paridigm Shift, and embark on a world-wide tour. Love and Death will open for Korn in several shows, both globally and stateside. This has helped hush the naysayers and doubters of Brian’s faith: those who said he was back to his “old ways” and would leave both his faith and his labor of love, Love and Death. But they are in fact gearing up for a new album. J.R. Bareis, Love and Death’s other guitarist, is preparing for a new role with the band with more responsibilities. A new album will hit the shelves, and they will begin a new tour all before we say hello to 2015.

I caught up with Dan who is having anything but an off season waiting for Brian’s tour with Korn to subside:

What’s next for Love and Death when Brian gets back from touring with Korn?

A tour with Nonpoint and summer festivals!

So what are you doing with your time off?

I do a lot of session work. I play with a country artist and various other bands in my time off, along with teaching drums.

When Brian decided to rejoin Korn, did you guys think Love and Death was over?

Maybe for a minute, but I always knew somehow we would persevere.

Is it true on the new album that J.R. will be performing more songs on lead vocals?

It’s true! He’s got a great voice and awesome song ideas!

Do you ever drum solo during performance?

Yes, sometimes, but I’m kind of self-conscious about them; but I’m working on it!