Controlled Sound with Acoustic Drums In A Small Environment! Learn How!

Abbie Stancato of Rocking Gods HouseAttention, Drummers: Convert your acoustical drums into an electronic set with a 95% reduction in sound while retaining all the comforts and feel of the kit! According to Gary Marshall Rinker, today is the day!

Gary Marshall Rinker, who prefers to go by his middle name Marshall, is the owner and inventor of Extreme Drums located in Martinsville, Indiana.

Converting an acoustic drum set allows drummers to use their favorite kit when performing in churches or other controlled sound environments.

This isn’t a new concept, drum triggers have been around for decades. However, according to Marshall, his custom triggers are easy to install and produce higher sensitivity and sound reproduction than any others on the market. “Our triggers are so sensitive that they faithfully reproduce all the dynamics and nuances of your performance—even if you use brushes,” says Marshall.

Marshall’s custom built triggers, when installed inside acoustic drums, combined with a mesh head on top of each drum to dampen the volume of the drums; will turn any standard kit into a great feeling and great sounding electronic drum set. Then you simply plug your converted drums into the drum module of choice. Plug the module into the sound system for live performances or plug into the headphones jack of the drum module for a quiet practice.

If given the choice of playing a standard electronic drum set or playing an acoustic set, I don’t know a single drummer who would choose the electronic set. “It is just as much of an emotional experience to play drums, as it is physical!” exclaimed Marshall. “A typical store-bought electronic drum set is simply not satisfying or fulfilling for drummers to play. With most small electronic drums sets, you must work to confine yourself to play on those tiny pads. For me, it takes away from the enjoyment of playing drums. However, to take a full size set and convert it within the physical environment with which a drummer is most comfortable, returns the full energy and passion back to the playing experience. And this translates to the overall energy of the entire band.”

Extreme Drums doesn’t offer the drum modules, mesh heads, or electronic cymbals, only their custom-built triggers; however, Marshall is happy to offer you his opinions about the various makes and models on the market and what might work best for your application.

When asked if Extreme Drums guarantees its triggers, Marshall replied, “We challenge your readers to try out a set of our triggers—or buy just one and try it out. We offer a thirty day money back guarantee if not fully satisfied. Additionally, they are so durable, we offer a five year replacement warrantee. This is above and beyond any of our competitors.”

I asked if the triggers are difficult to install. Marshall responded, “Absolutely not. We offer a four page instruction manual with lots of pictures. (Laughing) My kind of instructions! Our triggers quickly install into any set of drums with only a drum key and screwdriver. No power tools and no drilling! There’s no risk of damaging your drums. You can convert an entire set of very expensive drums without worry of damage. Or you can use an inexpensive kit. It makes no difference in the sound you hear or the response of your converted drums. And after installing Extreme Drums triggers you’re not limited to playing only electronic. Just put the acoustic heads back on to return it to a full tilt acoustic set. You can even leave the triggers inside where they act as small internal mufflers to dampen some of the overtones acoustic heads create.

“To install a trigger, remove the top head, loosen the screws on one of the lugs which hold the tension rod. Then simply slide the trigger bracket beneath the screws and re-tighten. Next, insert a small wire through the vent hole of the drum, and plug it into the trigger. The other end of the wire has a jack that attaches to the bottom rim of the drum. There you can quickly connect the included ten-foot wire that goes to your drum module. Finally you put a mesh drum head on top of the drum and your conversion is finished. You can convert each drum in ten minutes or less. Perhaps fifteen minutes for the first one or two.”

Marshall has played with several contemporary worship teams since the early 70s. And he has played some of his converted acoustic drum sets in churches and concert halls since the late 90s. He currently plays with the worship team at Mount Pleasant Church in Greenwood, Indiana.

He joyfully recalled being that kid who tore all his toys apart to discover how they worked. His curiosity and need to have the feel of real drums in a sound sensitive room in his home—as well as within a worship environment—led him to develop a new generation of acoustic triggers. “I wanted to play freely and unencumbered in church without offending the congregation or driving up the volume of the entire team. I didn’t want the drum volume to be so overwhelming that it would take away from the worship experience,” explained Marshall.

For further information or to order a set of his triggers visit The Extreme Drums Website. Just one more way for your Praise Team to keep Rocking God’s House!