Christina Paul’s “Lord of All” Combines Lush String Arrangements with Classic Worship
Christina Paul At Rocking Gods House

Writer Kevin Ott At Rocking Gods House

After a nine-year hiatus from releasing music in the States, the India-born singer Christina Paul has released a new album — her second English-language album — called Lord of All.

Christina’s album begins with a lush orchestral passage that catches the ear and opens the door for her strong Gospel-styled vocals on the title track “Lord of All.” In fact, most songs on the album feature string sections that weave chord swells and elegant violin and cello solos into the spaces.

The album also makes notable use of minor keys, and the structure of each song has a distinctive narrative shape — almost like what you’d hear in a ballad in a musical (and I mean that as a compliment). I also kept thinking of Rich Mullins. Its channeling some classic Christian music ethos in there.

Christina Paul Lord of All At Rocking Gods HouseThis album travels to some interesting places as well. Even though she was born in India, on “Beat of My Heart,” Christina captures a potent Latin sound that would feel right at home on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Its soulfulness and color (and nylon guitar) makes this track my personal favorite — though it might be tied with the orchestral hugeness of “Lord of All.”

The chord progression on the ballad “Touch of Grace” has a cinematic feel, with its interesting mix of minor and major chords, like something you’d hear in a film soundtrack.

Overall the album maintains more of a slow to moderate tempo throughout, and its effect on the spirit — after listening to it from beginning to end — is contemplative. Its classic worship sound, soulful Gospel and world music colors, and its skillful use of strings add up to something edifying: a stirring worship album that has musical depth and encouraging lyrics.

Lord of All was produced in Nashville by Grammy-winning producer Phil Naish (Steven Curtis Chapman, Point of Grace, Jaci Valesquez). You can check out our recent article about Christian to learn more about her story as an artist. Christina will be touring this fall, and you can find out more about her music and ministry at her website.