Christian Singer Nathan Tasker

Snags Top 20 Spot in Australia

Writer Kevin Ott At Rocking Gods HouseAustralia gets me. It understands me. I lived there in the summer of 2000, and I immediately loved its mellow, laid back nature. The people are wonderful. The cities and beaches are clean and gorgeous. Though some of the locals might be annoyed with me mentioning all this because they still try to keep their gem in the southern hemisphere a secret.

I still remember, with a smile, seeing some younger Aussies (some rowdy teenager surfers) yelling, shall we say, unwelcome phrases at a bus of obnoxious tourists, telling them to leave their country and their beaches alone. It was more funny than anything else. (And surfers can be fairly territorial in general; that’s not just an Aussie thing.)

So whenever I see anything in the news about Australia, it catches my attention — like a beacon from my second home. And it’s also why I really enjoy Australian artists. The good ones tend to bring the spirit of Oz with them.

Aussie Christian singer Nathan Tasker is no exception, and it gives me joy to share this recent press release with you (which has a shout-out to yours truly!). It’s great to see another talented Aussie succeeding:

Nathan Tasker Man On A Wire At Rocking Gods House

Nashville, TN (December 4, 2014) —- Singer/songwriter, Nathan Tasker, is enjoying great success with his new album, Man On A Wire. The title track has jumped to the Top 20 on Australia’s TCM Chart within a month of the single’s release, and back in the states the new project is receiving rave reviews from media. calls the record, “an honest and authentic album,” while says, “impressive singer-songwriter,” and exclaims, “has the feel of the Psalmist’s heart.” [You can read my full review of his album here.]

Tasker just concluded touring with Michael W. Smith on his fall tour, and will once again join the industry legend for his spring tour in 2015. Currently, Tasker is in the United Kingdom for an album release tour until December 3rd, and plans to spend the Christmas holiday in his homeland of Australia.

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