Christian Singer Erica Lane Talks to Rocking God’s House


Erica Lane’s new EP Take Your Burden Down (Saylors Brothers Entertainment) is fantastic, and the radio single “Burden” is the icing on the cake. The song takes you on a lyrical, rhythmic, and spiritual ride that keeps you engaged word-for-word and note-for-note. The EP was produced by famed Grammy and Dove Award-winning producer Bryan Lenox (Michael W. Smith, The Katinas, Enrique Iglesias).

Erica Lane is no stranger to fame as she is a Former Miss Houston and Top 10 USA World. Lane has toured all across the United States and across the pond at events with such noted celebrities as Jon Voight, George Lopez, and Chonda Pierce. Her music has been featured on several movie and television soundtracks, and she is very much in-demand for her musical talents, especially in cinematic productions. Lane starred in the family-friendly reality TV series Inspired Ambition, syndicated on national networks (FamilyNet, JCTV, Cornerstone TV) in the USA, Canada, Africa, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Romania, India, and others. Lane has also appeared in commercials for Chili’s and the Superbowl Pre-Game, as well as the TBS series Daisy Does America, produced by Courtney Cox and David Arquette. Recently she also released the official music video to “For Those Who Love Him,” which happens to be the official theme song for the new motion picture Veil of Tears. Lane wrote the song, and the video was directed by Kyle Saylors; the single is also available on iTunes and Amazon.

The movie Veil of Tears is a documentary from Word Films and Gospel for Asia (GFA). It tells the stories of millions of women in South Asia who face oppression simply because of their gender. The movie is narrated by Grammy-nominated recording artist Natalie Grant and was shot on location in some of India’s most remote tribal villages. The film opened on March 28th in 19 cities nationwide, including Anaheim, CA; Atlanta, GA; Fort Worth, TX; Houston, TX; Tucson, AZ; Nashville, TN; and New York, NY.

What was it like working with Brian Lenox?

It was actually really fun working with Bryan. He has a really easy going personality. I have known him for a few years and have worked on several projects with him. He could be intimidating because of his success, but he is really not because his personality is so friendly. No matter who you are he really makes you feel like you are as equally important as any artist, whether you have a name or not.

Being a Former Miss Houston and Top 10 USA World, were your special talents in pageants of a musical nature?

Yes, they were. When I was competing in the Miss America system I always sang, and that was one of the biggest reasons I competed: to have a chance to perform and work on my performing skills. I am so glad I did it. It was a great experience for me that taught me a whole lot.

You do a lot of charity work; are there any organizations near and dear to your heart?

One in particular I support is called “Give Kids the World Village” in Orlando, Florida. What they do is they basically provide a way for families to come in for a week to their village and just enjoy the parks in Florida. It is kind of like a wish [granting foundation] for children with life-threatening illnesses. The specific wish they are granting is for any kid that wants to go to Disney World or the parks and SeaWorld as well. Their whole families get to go — otherwise they may have never been able to afford to do that, especially with mounting medical bills. I do benefit concerts in support of the organization.

I really enjoyed the first single “Burden.” It has a great groove and deep lyrics. Could you discuss it with us?

The song has deep lyrics, but it is also simple for people to understand and relate to. The source behind the song: I had a friend whose young son was diagnosed with sarcoma, which is bone cancer. His family had to watch his health deteriorate, and eventually he had a tumor in his leg, and he had to have his leg amputated. He had lots of other problems arise, and towards the end of his life he developed another tumor, and then he passed away at only 15. I was close friends with his mother and his father, and it was just really hard to see them carry a burden like that, and it reminded me that hard things are going to happen in life, and we should never have to carry a burden like that alone. So I wrote the song for people like that and for anybody because we all carry different burdens at different times in our lives.

Curve ball question: If somebody handed you one million dollars and gave you one hour to spend it, what would you do with the money?

[laughs] Oh my gosh, one hour? This is a beauty pageant question [laughs]. Okay, if I had an hour to spend the money I would probably first call a lot of my close family members that I know and say hey I got some money do you have any needs? Then of course I would pay off all of my debt and I would put some in savings, I would go on a nice trip around the world, and I would give some away just to some people in need because if God blesses you then you have an obligation to bless others. But if I only had an hour I would have to work fast.