Fireflight Talks about their New Independently Produced Album

Josh Bechler Writer for Rocking God's House

Fireflight is getting ready to take flight once more with a brand new independent record (take flight, how cliché; yes, I thought of that all by myself!). The goal is to raise funds on, and, as of the day of this interview, they have 13% of their goal with 56 days left to make it a reality. You can learn more and pledge at this website. [As of 4/9, they are at 40%.]

On the pledge site you will find out more about the history of Fireflight, the reason they are deciding to make an independent record, and all of the cool items you can get with your pledge contributions. Some items include autographed guitars and bass and clothing worn by Dawn in the music video “Unbreakable.” The band really believes in this project, and this Grammy-nominated band from Orlando, Florida is on a mission.Christian-Rock-Band-Fireflight-At-Rocking-Gods-House

Tell us about your Pledge Music campaign, and how is the goal coming along?

Yes, it is awesome; we are so excited about it. I haven’t checked it this morning but for only being up a few days we are already at 13% of our goal — which is very exciting and scary at the same time. We have been at this a long time; this is our fifth album we are working on here. This is the first album we have done independently without the help of a record label backing us. We are super stoked for the process because we are really growing as a band.

Do you think letting your fans get involved with the recording process makes it more special to them when they contribute?

I certainly hope so. With our social media-based society and access to everything on the Internet, it is much more of a difficult task to really connect one-on-one with our fans — for example, just going online and making a donation to make an album come together. But we sincerely hope that our fans understand that they are an intricate process to making this album because without them this is no way would be possible. We just want our fans to know honestly how priceless and extremely valued their donations will be no matter how small. Our fans are what are really keeping us going.

Have all of the songs for the album been written?

Usually when we are making albums we feel rushed — time to tour, when to write, what to record — it is a really fast process. With this venture being truly our own we are able to take our time. We have had plenty of time to write songs, and we have plenty of songs for this new album. We are just getting geared up for the process, and when it comes time to record we will all know and be ready to record what we feel will be the right songs for this project. Since it is independent, it will be more personal and more of really what our band is all about.

There is a lot of cool Fireflight items on the Pledge Music site: the dress you wore in the “Unbreakable” video along with guitars and basses. What made you guys decide to offer up this cool stuff?

I think we were just trying to think of a way for our fans to invest in us — literally. We have had the guitars and bass — which [came from] the companies [who] have supported us and been behind us for a really long time — and now [the fans] can [enjoy] this Christian-based musical instrument just as we have. And then there is my dress from the “Unbreakable” video which is a integral part of our band’s history; and then there is hand-crafted art as well as autographs and signed lyrics as well as many other awesome limited edition items.

Any closing remarks?

Yes! Fireflight is on all types of media, we have Facebook and Twitter accounts, and we personally interact and respond to our fans. So if anyone needs someone to talk to and listen to — whatever is going on with their lives — the whole band is available. That is what we feel is our main purpose through our music: it is to be there with people and share the love and compassion of Jesus.


Fireflight is bravely embarking on their journey of independent record making. According to their page on”As we move into this next chapter of our music career we know beyond any doubt that God and the faithful fans will continue to be our inspiration and support. By this next chapter, we mean the ‘independent chapter.’ This next record will be a combined labor of love between Fireflight and the fans that encourage and uplift us on a daily basis. This is an exciting time for our band! A time that says anything can happen, no dream is too big, and everything is possible!

“When we decided to enter into this ‘independent chapter,’ we knew there would be no better partners in this endeavor than our very own fans. You’ve been with us since the beginning and for that, we are so very thankful!!!”

Not only as a writer but as a fan myself and contributor to their campaign, I hope to get this article exposed to as many people as possible. I, and many others, eagerly await Fireflight’s newest contribution to the Christian rock cause.