Christian Recording Artist John Waller – His Life While Preparing For The New CD!

Abbie Stancato of Rockin' God's HouseChristian Recording Artist John Waller – His Life While Preparing For His New CD!

John Waller is a man of great faith. From twenty years of depression, to a number one hit, and soon to be a father of nine. He recently finished his new CD and is working on a release date tentatively at the end of 2013.

John is no stranger to the Christian Music Charts. He has had much unexpected success in life with songs such as While I’m Waiting, As For Me And My House, and The Blessing.

I ask John what can we expect from his upcoming CD.

“One of the biggest differences on this album is that I co-wrote every song on the CD. In the past I wrote about fifty percent of the music by myself. I found that my strongest work has been collaborating. This new CD will have more worship on it than previous material. It has songs about my journey of faith over the last ten years. A couple of the songs are about the adoption of our three kids from the Ukraine. One of my daughters is singing on a track, and I even wrote a song with my fifteen year old son who is a blooming musician. One of my goals is to have my son become my guitar player in the next year. I’m gradually trying to work them in. I want them to have an opportunity to further their gifting.”

I asked John about his children from the Ukraine. “I’m involved in “Project One Forty Three,” which is a hosting program where you can host a child from the Ukraine. We hosted our oldest and our youngest for a whole summer. Most of the kids in the program (Project One forty Three) are older. It’s tough for older kids to get adopted, but about eighty-five percent end up getting adopted due to this program. I believe in this program!

How do you balance eight kids? “One day at a time. We’ve been parents for almost sixteen years. We have very cool kids. My family is the most important thing to me. I don’t tour the way most Christian artists do. I’m strategic about my touring and the dates I accept. I try to have a lot of dates where I can take my family with me.”

John suffered from depression for twenty years. I asked him what it was like to be on medication for such a long period of time.

“I was on lots of different medication and don’t know how to best describe it. It was a roller-coaster. Some would get me going and help me concentrate, while others made me feel dull. I came to a broken place in my life, where God delivered me from it. He healed me! He delivered me from all the medication. I’ve been off the medication for over ten years. I don’t preach against the medication, but I do know the Lord set me free from depression, and the need for medication.”

John Waller is also a music director, I asked him if leading worship every week biased his songwriting to write more worship type material for his next CD (See The Article “John Waller – Words From A Music Director.”) He replied, “I love worship, and I love leading people in worship. I wanted to write some original worship tunes, but I feel my spiritual gifting is encouragement and exhortation, so I want to write tunes that speak to the body (of Christ), and worship songs, so I just naturally wrote both for this album.”

I wanted to know what one song encompasses who John Waller is today. Perhaps a song which was more insightful than he thought it was when originally written. He replied, “It would be between two songs, While I’m Waiting, and As For Me And My House. Those two songs just really captured my life.  I’m always waiting on the Lord. Even though I’m continuing to move forward, we’re always waiting on him.

As For Me And My House, as a father of eight children (and one on the way), and a husband married to my wife for eighteen years, it is a song I would want played at my funeral.

For those readers unaware of the genesis of these songs; When John was strictly a Music Director, John’s church believed so much in him and his music; they raised forty thousand dollars for him to record a CD. After the recording was completed, John was in waiting of the record companies to respond to the solicitation of his new CD. During that painful and uncertain wait, he had the faith to write the song While I’m Waiting, which was picked up for the Christian mega hit motion picture “Fireproof.”

As for the lyrics to As For Me And My House, They are self-explanatory!

Like sheep we have all gone astray
We must choose this day
Whom we will serve
As for me and my house
We will serve the Lord
We will serve the Lord
Idols raised, tear them down
Cause we will serve the Lord
We will serve the Lord
To one king we bow down
As for me and my house
We will only serve the Lord

I am excited for John and the next chapter of his life.  He continues making music for the community of Jesus Christ. I look forward to helping him to debut his CD later this year and wish him all God’s blessings and grace!