Christian Band Darkness Divided…
Talks Touring, Faith, and the New Album

Josh-Belcher-At-Rocking-gods-HouseVictory Records has informed me of a brand new Christian metal band that they recently signed, and they’re set to release their first full-length album very soon. This group is called Darkness Divided, they’re from San Antonio, Texas, and the band includes the following talented musicians: Gerard Mora (vocals), Israel Hernandez (drums), Christopher Mora (guitar), and Joseph Mora (bass) — though, as you’ll read in the interview below, they have an exciting new announcement about the band’s line-up. In my opinion, their unique sound combines the power of August Burns Red with the melodies of For Today.

Since there debut in 2012 the band has had more than 150 shows under their belt, they have drawn a loyal following, and they continue to thrill audiences with their intense live shows that they will bring to festival stages across the country this summer. Their first EP “Chronicles” was produced by Daniel Castleman (As I Lay Dying, Trivium) in 2012. The new album will feature the songs “Redeemer” and “Voyager,” both of which are doing quite well with digital downloads, and both songs will have music videos.

I caught up with the band on the road to get an update on the album, on their touring, and what their message is when it comes to fans who do and don’t know Jesus Christ.

They’re also having some issues with their mode of transportation, so if you would like to donate and help out their musical ministry, please email:

I spoke with Gerard Mora:

Christian-Band-Darkness-Divided-Written In Blood At-Rocking-Gods-HouseHow is the album coming along?

It is all done already, everything is mixed, mastered, and recorded. It came out way better then we could have ever hoped. We spent about six weeks in the studio working on it. Everything came out so awesome, and we added another member to the band, and he was able to add a lot to the writing process and kind of how things ended up coming out for the recording. It has been pretty exciting. The new member’s name is Sebastian, and he plays guitar and sings.

On Facebook it says you have a special announcement coming up; could you elaborate?

Yeah, it is kind of like a special sneak peek announcement on some information before another big announcement. [laughs] If that makes any sense?

What is the main message and objective your band is trying to deliver?

Christian Band Darkness Divided At Rocking Gods HouseWe are definitely a ministry band. That is what we certainly focus on during our writing, and in performance we take a lot of time to make sure people know that no matter what they are going through, if they feel alone or are experiencing a really difficult time, there are people that care, and personally that we care. We like to pray with people at shows and do our best to grow within communities and [build] relationships with people. Something you don’t see very often in the metal world is Christian beliefs and a positive message, and this may be the only chance that some of these kids get exposure to the Gospel. They may not be seeking church, and they may not be seeking God in their personal lives, but we have something in common, which is this style of music, and that can bring us together kind of on that level, and from there we can minister and love each other and have a relationship of love that is super important to the world. So that is what we kind of focus on, and when we go to play live [we want] to help people and meet people and to grow in faith together. All of our songs are Christian-themed and vary from different things. One of the songs off our new record was written about the preciousness of life and the experience we had from driving on tour and seeing a car accident and people had died and more were on the side of the road. It is things like that when you realize you have this purpose in life and you never know when life is going to end, so you have to hold on to this love that God has given you and share it with other people and truly see the preciousness of living every day to its fullest. We have another song that was inspired by the lady that Jesus was talking to at the well. She is talking about having this thirst in her life, and Jesus is telling her how she can thirst no more. The song is titled “Eternal Thirst” and just how you are seeking for fulfillment and purpose and you find that through Christ.

How is the current tour coming along?

Yes, so far so good. We have finished the first leg about a week ago. We got back on July 3rd in Amarillo, we have hit some rough parts. Our van ended up breaking down. Luckily, we did not have to cancel any shows and stuff. Right now we are borrowing my parents’ Tahoe and a trailer, and we are headed right now to pick up our equipment from Amarillo and then the shows start again tomorrow. [laughs] We are making it happen, just taking it one step at a time.