Christian Band Seventh Day Slumber Needs Your Help!

Josh Bechler Writer for Rocking God's HouseChristian rock band Seventh Day Slumber needs our help. They have a serious need that could have a huge impact on their ability to tour and continue their music ministry to take the love of Christ to the hopeless. These musicians, who are no strangers to lending their talents for a great cause, are now in need of some love themselves from fans and brothers and sisters in Christ. If you’re a fan of this phenomenal rock band, this is your opportunity to help them when they need it the most.

However, before I explain the need in detail, let me give you a little behind-the-scenes, eye-witness story about this band that shows why they’re so deserving of our support. I have developed a friendship with the group over the years, and I once asked them to perform a small acoustic set — nothing too demanding for them, no gear or fancy stage equipment — at a charity event I was hosting. Joseph Rojas, lead singer of the band, said to me, “Let’s go all out and use our entire stage set up and put on a true rock show,” and boy did they! They brought their complete rock show and sound stage extravaganza to a local baseball field last June and played a sold-out concert for local community charity Hannah’s Purse Drive; and they did not charge for the performance in any way. The band believes in ministry and outreach, and they are real missionaries for God and his Word. They were so dedicated to that charity event that, the night before, when their drummer had complications with diabetes and was admitted to the hospital, Joseph’s son Blaise stepped in on the kit and crushed it. See article here!

Seventh Day Slumber and JoshBut now they are the ones who need help. They are getting ready to launch a new album, which I cannot wait to hear, titled We Are Broken. The single “We Are The Broken” is already spinning on about 12 stations. It doesn’t officially hit radio until March 25th. The whole record is available on May 13th You can hear the radio single right now at ReverbNation! “However, this exciting season of launching a new album and (hopefully) a tour has hit some serious speed bumps. They are having major issues with their tour bus, and this is what my pal Joseph had to say: To all my friends in ministry that believe in what we do. We have a need. Due to years of touring, our bus and equipment are beginning to need some serious repairs. Lori and I have done what we can to keep everything working properly. Thanks to a loan from a great friend we have been able to get quite a bit fixed but we still have about $18,000 in repairs and maintenance. We understand that money is very tight and we know that you have bills of your own. Just know we are on the mission field daily and have completely devoted our lives to bringing hope to the hopeless. This would be a tax deductible donation and any amount will help!

If you would like to send a check instead, the address is 1857 Portview Dr., Spring Hill, TN 37174

My friends are the real deal: they rock for God and inspire people day in and day out. Their music has saved me in more ways and more times than I can count, and in a small way I hope this article can help them out. Seventh Day Slumber needs you! Let’s show them the love of God in the same way that they have shown it to so many others throughout the years.