Christian Band Loftland & Their New Album
“I Don’t Want to Dance”

Josh Bechler Writer for Rocking God's HouseWisconsin-based pop rock outfit Loftland are burning the candle at both ends in 2014. They’ve got a new album, a killer single, and two tours booked already. The quartet is comprised of brothers Dominic and Tanner Gibbs, Ben Pepin, and Joey McGuire. The group composes very raw, honest, and uplifting lyrics with snappy, quick-witted, upbeat hooks that are perfect for working out at the gym. Loftland’s songs also get stuck in your head. You may find yourself singing them aloud in public places.

The group is on tour currently with Silverline on the “Shine a Light” Tour.

I spoke with Dominic about what’s going on within the band:

When is new music coming out?

Our brand new full-length record I Don’t Want To Dance was released on February 18th!

In concert, which of your songs get the biggest reactions?

We get a lot of great response to our current radio single “Hold On, Small One” right now. We’re hoping that the buzz around that song continues to grow as it hits radio even harder over the next month!

What is something you would tell a struggling young person to encourage them?

That they’re not alone and that Jesus loves them beyond anything that they might have done or anything they might have had done to them. He desires to be close to them.

How does Loftland prepare for a show?

We do a lot of things that other bands probably do. We like to stretch out, warm up our voices, and pray. Sometimes we get a little weird and goof off before a big show.

What was it like performing with Icon For Hire; is Ariel a cool person?

It’s a lot of fun. We’ve been close with Icon since we met them back in 2009. It’s nice to play shows with your friends whenever you get the chance. Makes it feel more like home. Ariel is exactly like you’d imagine her to be. She’s energetic, driven, passionate, and she talks a hundred miles an hour. She’s great.

Do you guys go to church on Sunday? If so where?

We do when we get an opportunity! There are a lot of Sundays where we’re driving to new places or setting up to play shows so it’s hard sometimes. We’ll search out churches in whatever city we happen to be in if we have the day off. It’s good to be connected with the Body of other believers to serve and be encouraged.