Christian Artist Plumb
Talks about Music and Family with Rocking God’s House!

Josh Bechler Writer for Rocking God's HouseThe Winter Jam Tour Spectacular began in 1995 when Christian group NewSong came up with an idea for a new way for Christian’s to experience a high quality music event. Winter Jam 2014 is well underway and has passed over 40 cities so far, and it is getting ready to wrap up after only a few more shows. The tour ends on March 30th in Omaha, Nebraska. For the third consecutive year, the Winter Jam Tour is one of the highest ranked tours in America, based on attendance. Some recognizable artists on the tour are The Newsboys, Lecrae, Tenth Avenue North, Thousand Foot Crutch, Colton Dixon — as well as the noted songstress Plumb.

For complete tour lineups and remaining dates, visit The Winter Jam Website.

I spoke with artist Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, who is known by her artist name Plumb, about the Winter Jam show which, at the time of the interview, was coming up in Nashville. Plumb has a very unique voice that is very soothing and easy to listen to; she is the type of artist that is so recognizable that her music has no problem crossing over into mainstream as well.

With heavy touring, and her role as a wife and mother to three, she has somehow had time in 2013-2014 to release the album Need You Now, which was also the title track and no. 1 hit song as well as the catchy breakout song “One Drop.”

You have been busy with Winter Jam, a new album, and your family; what is next on Plumb’s to-do list?

I am in the middle of finishing a book that comes out this fall. I guess you could categorize it as a memoir and its working title is There is Always Hope. I am also preparing to headline a tour this coming fall as well.

How do you juggle family and career in the midst of all of this?

Community… A really, really amazing community that shares life with me. I have family that is not far away from me. My husband’s family and my family live in the Nashville area and are a huge help, and we go to an incredible church where we have amazing friends that share life with us and kind of fill in the gaps. It takes a village — it definitely does. To do anything truly important you can’t do it by yourself, and I am very lucky to have such an amazing support group.

What is your favorite thing about the Winter Jam tour so far?

I like how it has allowed me to balance family, real life, and career because we are home Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and we leave Thursday, play shows on the weekends, and come back to real life on Monday. So it really does create a balance as opposed to being gone week after week. I really am grateful for that balance with this tour. We are playing a ton of shows, but we are able to be home for long periods of time.

When the show lands in Nashville it will be 60 degrees and sunny, do you plan on dressing up in winter clothes to stay true to the tour’s theme?

[Laughs] I have been wearing the same stage outfits for the tours to stay consistent. It is a year-round outfit that could work for any season.

I love the song “One Drop” — could you discuss it more with us?

It only takes a little bit of good to do a whole lot of great. It’s that there truly is an ocean overflowing with hope, and sometimes for some reason our circumstances have blinded us or the fog is so thick that we can’t see any hope; and it really only takes one drop of hope to make a huge difference to give us the confidence and the motivation and the courage to step forward to the next breath or the next day or that next week or next month even. In my own life I have had moments where I have felt hopeless, and then something very small changed everything, and it gave me the endurance, change of perspective, and hope. If you can feel just a little hope, sometime it can turn into something huge.

My friend Nate O. (drummer extraordinaire of Mike’s Chair) thinks very highly of you. Do you have any interesting stories to share about him?

My little girl who is five has been out on tour with us, and she thinks the world of Nate, but my daughter is pretty coy. So she tends to think he is great, but acts like a little stinker when she is around people that she likes. She and Nate shared fun dialogue day-after-day while interacting with each other. He is wonderful with kids; if he wasn’t such a great drummer I would say he should pursue a career with children because he is great with them.

Also one time while my band was on tour with Mike’s Chair, Nate was sick and his ear was bothering him. I am a big fan of essential oils so I put some in his ear. I found out from my friend I was not supposed to apply it directly in his ear, but to use a cotton swab and gently dab it around the inner ear, and she told me I used the wrong oil for an ear ache. So not only did I not help Nate’s situation better, but I put the wrong oil in his ear and applied it the wrong way. Sorry, Nate! [laughs]