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Trusting God In Every Season

Writer Kevin Ott At Rocking Gods House

Sometimes we take for granted how radical our faith in Christ is from the perspective of the world. “Who are these crazy Christians?” they say. “They worship a God they can’t see? A God who they claim came to earth as a man two thousand years ago, died and came back to life, then disappeared after floating into the sky and going up into Heaven? And after all these centuries they’re still so enamored with this invisible King that they sing love songs to Him all day long?”

Debra Black God In Every Season Album At Rocking Gods HouseYep. We do. That about sums it up. It’s hard to understand until you encounter Jesus Christ for yourself and realize that it’s real. We may be a peculiar people in the eyes of the world, but we know who we worship. We know He is alive and well. We know that He is with us “even unto the end of the age,” as He promised.

And worship leader and singer-songwriter Debra Black is proclaiming her trust in this invisible King with all of her heart.

In fact, she just released a special edition lyric video for “You Go Before (Tis So Sweet),” which has become one of the most popular songs on her debut album, God In Every Season, which came out in August. You can read my review of the album here.

According to her recent press release about this video, which features in-studio footage:

“When my producer and co-writer Josh Williams and I sat down to write for this album, one of the anthems the Lord was singing over me was ‘trust me, I am good,’” says Black. “I started to think a lot about how I as a believer somehow have equated the Lord and His faithfulness, goodness and being able to trust Him down to mere man’s level. Thinking that for some reason He will fail me like so many. The lyrics in this song came alive through the literal walk I was walking.”

As I walk, through the valley, I will fear no more
I will REST upon your promise, forever and always
You go before, so I’ll trust you Lord

Says Black, “I remembered that verse in Isaiah 52:12 that says, ‘But you will not leave in haste or go in flight; for the LORD will go before you, the God of Israel will be your rear guard.’”

“Not only has He gone before us,” says Black, “but He is the lamp unto our feet, that when He asks us to take that next step, just the next one, we can take that step with Him being our light, we can approach the unknown with confidence because He is already there, we can step firmly on that next step because He is our Rock, the firm foundation. He will not let us slip or sink like shifting sands. He is Our God who will walk hand in hand as we walk through the fire, as we walk through the desert, or valley. He is Ever Present, God with us, Emmanuel.”

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And, in case you’re not familiar with Debra Black, here’s a little tidbit from her bio:

Debra Black At Rocking Gods HouseBased in Atlanta, Black had already been singing and leading worship for more than a decade when she started working on her own music. She founded and pioneered Worship on the Square, a non-profit organization bringing the church body together in city centers to worship God and bring awareness to social causes. Unique, relatable, and possessed of unshakeable faith, Black inspires listeners to take refuge and find trust in God.

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