Christian Artist Debra Black’s “God In Every Season” — Album Review

Writer Kevin Ott At Rocking Gods House

In most cases, when a worship leader records a studio album, the songs present an authentic, earnest pursuit of God to the listener. Debra Black’s debut album God In Every Season is no exception.

It’s no surprise then that, as explained in her recent press release, the album comes from a very personal journey that Debra has experienced with Christ:

“The journey leading up to this release has far surpassed any greater thing I have experienced on a personal level with the Lord,” says Black. “He has brought me to this place of surrendering my all to Him and I’m ready to see what He does. He has been an integral part of showing me that Jesus is enough, for my every need. Realizing His plans are far greater than anything I could dream of or ask. He has shown me that there is a time and season for everything under heaven; that His desire is to make everything beautiful in time. There truly is beauty in everything, even the pain, even in the suffering. There is beauty in the breakdown, in the death, in the resting/renewal times, and of course in the growing time.”

The first track “Be Free” kicks the album off with just the right tempo — exactly the BPM at which your toe instinctively taps — and the recording has a nice warmth to it. I like the tone of the kick drum: it’s wide and booming but not overpowering. The band adds warm layers to the kick drum, and then Debra’s lovely voice floats above it all and adds some light to the warmth.

There are plenty of sweet spots in the vocals throughout the album, especially whenever the chorus of a song introduces harmonies that remind me of The Secret Sisters — “More Than Enough” and “You Go Before (Tis So Sweet)” provide great examples. Both songs have a certainty in the lyrics that matches the assertiveness of the vocal melodies that lean hard on the downbeats — like somebody walking with powerful, confident strides towards their destination. This agreement between lyric and melody helps create a convincing emotional atmosphere. The spiritual strength is palpable.

Christian Artist Debra Black At Rocking Gods House“God In Every Season” has one particular moment — just a little moment — that elevates the whole song to another level. On the chorus, there’s a swift melodic upward motion on “You provide, You’re alive” that breathes musical helium into the song, and suddenly you’re floating higher than you had anticipated. This same soaring quality is emphasized in the bridge. And it’s just a small musical moment — perhaps just a few seconds.

In great songwriting, it’s often the tiniest little flecks of light and turns of motion that turn a song into something special.

For example, in the song “In Your Hands,” the chord progression on the verse begins with a major chord, and — because of the tempo and atmosphere of the song — I was instinctively expecting another major chord. But it went to a minor chord instead. So many songwriters in this style would go predictably to the major, but this song creates a deeper tension and power — all thanks to one chord.

It’s the little moments.

My favorite track is “I Will Exalt.” The sparseness of the single-note piano melody, paired with Debra’s voice, creates something haunting. It has a stillness that anchors the rest of the album.

Debra Black’s God In Every Season is an impressive debut effort with an earnest, infectious spiritual hunger that will cause you to look for God in every season and situation. Thanks for sharing that hunger, Debra. After listening to your album, I can already feel it bearing fruit in my walk with Christ.