California Public High Schools…
A God Revival?
Revival Breaking Out In California Public High Schools - Article at Rocking God's House

Writer Kevin Ott At Rocking Gods House

Revival might very well be breaking across public high schools in California, thanks to the efforts of on-campus Christian clubs.

According to a Story From GodReports, ministries like One Voice are seeing “extraordinary revival in Los Angeles and Orange County high schools.”

As the report states:

About 2,500 students at 15 high schools hear the gospel each week through campus Christian clubs, which invite One Voice representatives to speak, Giglio says. Kids have been saved from drugs, violence, sexual sin, and hopelessness.

The move of God began in Roosevelt High School two years ago. A watershed moment came when opposing gangs put down their weapons and met each other in the gym for prayer, along with 400 other students who had gathered to hear a heartfelt and compelling message.

As a California native who has seen discouraging developments in public schools over my lifetime, this story is wonderful news. Many people write off California as hopeless. But even in spiritually dark places, God can still move in amazing ways.

And if He can do it in California, He can do it anywhere.