Brock & Auny Gill:

A “Thrill Ride” For God’s Dynamic Duo

Josh-Belcher-At-Rocking-gods-HouseAuny Gill Thrill Ride Author At Rocking Gods HouseIf there’s any book out there right now that deserves to become a movie, it’s the new book by Auny Gill.

Auny and Brock Gill, an adventurous husband and wife duo (to say the least), travel the world sharing the Gospel and the love of God through captivating illusions and stunts.

(And, for the record, I’ve decided that Chris Pratt will play Brock Gill and Amy Adams will play Auny Gill. I will be on board to produce, of course. Hollywood, you have my contacts.)

The title of the book sums up their ministry very well: Thrill Ride: A Million Miles, 2000 Shows, One Miraculous God.

The book is such a thrill ride and so full of adventure that it almost reads as an action adventure novel with a dash of rom-com (romantic comedy) thrown in. It gives the reader a front row seat to the extremely dangerous life threatening situations that the Gills have faced as a result of the things they have attempted and the places they have gone.

These intense, and in some case life-threatening situations are serious: we’re talking confrontations with drug dealers, witches, even some terrorist situations. And we see this brave couple in the midst of it, having no where to turn but God, experiencing His deliverance and protection.

The book also gives you an inside look at the glitz and glam, and other interesting experiences, that come with being professional entertainers and living life on the road.

The book even gets into the realm of miracles, with eye-witness encounters with angels.

But the most profound thrill of their ministry and the book is, by far, the overwhelming joy of seeing people being brought to Jesus Christ and accepting Him as their personal Lord and Savior.

Author Auny Gill At rocking Gods HouseWhy did you decide to write such a book?

Auny:  I just felt like the Lord wanted me to write this book for awhile, and honestly, as far as the timing, I have been working on this book on and off now for about ten years. So I wanted to get it out earlier, but I guess it was God’s timing. [laughs]

Brock: Yeah, it is probably good you waited [laughs] because you got some more good stories in there.

What can people expect to see at a Brock Gill event?

Brock: What we do is an evangelistic effort. So we do a show that is pretty much a mainstream type of show that you would see in Las Vegas: we bring illusions, we bring stunts, we have [some things] that are comedy, and we have things that are escapes and more intense. It is a really fun show. It runs about 90 minutes long. You will see me do things like go underwater chained up and try to escape, ride a motorcycle blind-folded, shooting cards across the stage with a bow and arrow, as well as interacting with people from the audience to make people laugh and enjoy the show. And it also brings Brook Gill Evangelist Illusionist Stunt Artist At Rocking Gods Houseeverybody to a moment, something that kind of spring boards into a message, and that is when we bring the truth, the message of the Gospel, the hope in Jesus, and we give people the chance to respond to that. They kind of absorb that truth, and then respond, and then we conclude the show; and we get the opportunity to see people get saved who are on drugs or on their way in or on their way out of prison, even religious people, youth leaders and deacons in their church will be a part of it. It has kind of been one of those deals where the show is all about illusion, but the truth that is presented is very very powerful. I have seen many many people’s lives changed.

Tell us about Caliber Outreach?

Brock: We are taking some of the money from the book sales, and it is going right back into helping us fund our mission to Nicaragua. We work in a few other countries, but we are really focusing on Nicaragua, and we are going there about three times a year. We go to orphanages, we go to schools, we go to poor neighborhoods and prisons — also work with about 400 prostitutes in one area. Just bringing the Gospel. What we do is kind of a show like in the United States, but the show is a little different. It is shorter and it is for smaller crowds, and we have the ability to talk to people and share the message, and we have been taking people with us. People from the United States have gone with us. Two things are happening. One, we are able to minister to people on the ground in Nicaragua in places like the city dump or school or orphanage. But also with taking people with us, their lives are getting changed, their hearts have been rocked, they are coming back to the United States fired up and ready to do ministries here because they see how effective the Gospel is, and it has just set people on fire. That is where our heart is right now, and that is what we are into, and our next trip is in a couple of weeks. We are going back down there.