Bluegrass Royalty Nathan Stanley …
New Music, Star-Studded Collaborations, and Faith!

Josh-Belcher-At-Rocking-gods-HouseNathan Stanley is bluegrass royalty. His grandfather is Dr. Ralph Stanley, the King of Bluegrass and one of the pioneers of the genre; Nathan is considered to be the Prince Of Bluegrass. Nathan is getting geared up to release a new endeavor called Every Mile, which covers all sub-genres of bluegrass music. The album is also loaded with collaborations with top contenders in both bluegrass and country, as Nathan explains in detail in the interview below. This album is fantastic, and it’ll be a joy for seasoned fans of bluegrass as well as newcomers:

Nathan Stanley Bluegrass Artist Every Mile Album At Rocking Gods HouseEVERY MILE TRACK LISTING:
1. Every Mile
2. Baptism Of Jesse Taylor
3. Heart That Will Never Break Again
4. I Know Jesus Will See Me Through
5. Let Me In Your Heart
6. Green Pastures
7. Piece Of Clay
8. Where No One Stands Alone
9. Hand In Hand With Jesus
10. Where Will You Go
11. Would You Be Ready
12. Lord You’re The Best Thing
13. You Can’t Make Old Friends

Why do you feel it is important to keep the legacy of bluegrass alive?

Well, my grandfather is such a legend, there is nobody in bluegrass music that could compare with him. I’m doing my own style. I believe instead of following in somebody’s footsteps you need to make your own footsteps. So that’s what I’m doing.

Please discuss your new album and the musical guests on it.

I’m very proud of my brand new release Every Mile. It’s released on Willow Creek Records, Nashville, and features a lot of guest appearances by my grandfather (Dr. Ralph Stanley ), Vince Gill, The Isaacs, Wes Hampton (of the Gaither Vocal Band), Adam Crabb, T. Graham Brown, Judy Marshall, Jeff and Sheri Easter, and Jeff Bates. I’ve recorded five brand new songs and eight of my favorite gospel songs. This is my seventh solo release, and I feel it’s the best one yet. I hope and pray it touches people.

Could you tell us about your weekly TV show?

Nathan Stanley Ministry show airs every Saturday Night at 7:30pm EST on Living Faith Television. It’s a 30 minute program that features me singing, interviewing special guests, and lifting up our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You can visit for channel listings and more info.

I like how on your website it says to keep God first. What made you decide to add that to your website?

I believe when people realize that it’s all about God, the world will be a better place. I feel God should get the glory for everything. We are nothing but flesh and blood. We could not do anything without the Lord’s help. There is nothing greater than having God’s favor on everything that we do.

Do you still perform with your grandfather?

Oh yes! I sing lead for his band, The Clinch Mountain Boys. I have been traveling with him since I was two years old, and I’m 22 now. I also perform solo dates as well. So doing both keeps me very busy, but I love it! Please like us on Facebook Thanks so much for taking time to do this. May God bless you.