Abbie Stancato of Rockin' God's HouseBe Like Joe!

Thank God its Not Monday.  This was my response when asked how I was early Tuesday morning. My response was overheard by a woman who shared a brief story. She once worked with those who were blind and handicapped. She recalled Joe, a man who was legally blind and required crutches to walk and navigate. She recalled that Joe was always over-the-top enthusiastic about the opportunity to boast a reply when asked about his day. She reminded me this could be my last Tuesday, and that I should be like Joe!

I always promised myself as a Music Director to never forget that this is not a job, but a mission. Years of working in ministry can become just that, a job. We lose the enthusiasm when budgets get tight and hard times fall like rain on all men wicked and pure of heart alike.

Even those who appear to have it all in life often suffer from deep depression and of psychological clinical aliments with words too long and difficult to repeat. Why, because we lose touch with the word of God.

I am so blessed to interview so many young Christian artists with a zest for life and enthusiasm for the word of God. It reminds me that my everyday schedule which has become my burden to carry was offered to Christ, but never really left at the foot of the cross. We want to leave it there, we desire to leave it there, but we complain, offer a pray now and then, and take it with us.

We will always have one more problem, one too many dilemmas, something which causes us to hang our head in distress. To make matters worse, most of our problems are self-inflicted. There could be bad health from a chemically induced environment and food, bad money management, infidelity in marriage, drugs, alcohol, or porno on the web. Some problems are cast upon us by the free will of evil people such as the Boston bombing, and yet others are earthly problems which just cannot be explained.

I heard a story today about a terminally ill child. He was asked how it felt to know his days were limited. He replied, the only difference between you and I is that I know I’m terminally I’ll, and you don’t!

We live in an imperfect world. Learn to smile, praise God in the rain without your umbrella. Help someone, and when they thank you, remind them to instead thank God.

My Tuesday is still jam packed with more than I can accomplish, and everyone I encounter will not sense my desire to “Live Out Loud” for the remainder of this Tuesday. That is okay because this Tuesday I’m leaving it at the cross. Today, I want to be like Joe!