Where do I belong In Life?

How do I know I’m doing God’s will? I pray for direction, but I don’t seem to find the answers!

Abbie’s Reply:

Abbie Stancato of Rocking Gods House

Read the Lord’s Prayer! If you speak it with a willful heart, you are asking God to conduct His will in your life. That doesn’t mean you pray for His will and stay planted in on the couch waiting for God to present Himself (although feasible). It means you pray for His will, and become His vessel.

Most often, God’s direction will lead you kicking and screaming. Why? Because we’re either too dense to realize it’s what we asked of Him, or we just don’t see the big picture. For me, it usually both!

Secondly, I remember once facing a catastrophic circumstance in my life. I was praying for God to help and answer my prayers. What I didn’t know, if I would have picked up the bible, I would have heard him. Are you praying for God to fulfill a prayer which disagrees with His word? Looking back, I prayed for something I really wanted. I received plenty of well intentioned, but bad secular advice. I had my own logic and personal desires; however, it went against everything the bible teaches. That was very difficult to face at that time in my life. Looking back with 20/20 vision, it was best for me and my life.

Are you are facing a divorce, having problems with relationships, looking for a job? The bible has an opinion and directive for all life’s issues, but you must prayerfully read it to know it exists.

Furthermore, we don’t all have to be movie stars, or well-known politicians to affect the world and fulfill God’s will on a grand scale. Sometimes God allows us to affect each other humbly. We may never understand the impact the last words of a dying man have upon those around him. A dying man may think his faith in God had yielded little results. However, upon his death bed, he could plant a seed to inspire others to do great things in the name of Christ.

Sometimes, where we are, is where we belong. Moses spent forty years in the dessert waiting for the promise land… very unfun! Do not expect tangible results on your time schedule, because we pray for His will, not our own. If you’re praying for guidance and reading the bible, you will know when He opens the doors, or slams it shut! Speak the Lord’s Prayer, and do it with the faith of a mustard seed. You may not always understand where you belong, but you will know you are fulfilling God’s will.

I am not under any circumstance a biblical scholar. So find a church & pastor to better guide you, and join a bible study group. Remember, life is not a race, but a journey… Enjoy the scenery!