Ask Abbie: I’m Auditioning For The Voice – What Can I Expect?

I’m getting ready to audition for “The Voice,” I know you auditioned in the past. How can I prepare for my audition, and what can I expect?

Abbie’s Reply…

Abbie Stancato of Rocking Gods House

Before I begin, the producers of “The Voice” require everyone to sign a contract. The contract states we cannot discuss the actual process. Therefore, I can’t tell you specifics about process.

However, I can explain how to prepare. I too will be auditioning again for “The Voice,” in Chicago.

Don’t bring friends or family, they will not be allowed to enter the building. I chose the early session. I will be in line with several thousand at 7:00 AM. I will be up at 5:00AM to begin warming up my voice in a hot shower. I will drink nothing but water until after the audition. You will have a chance to warm up your voice after your arrival. The audition process is a blast. You become part of a large crowd of great vocalists who break out in spontaneous song. It is an awesome and inspiring experience.

Let’s talk song selection… DO NOT choose a song which makes you sound like the original artist. These shows want originality. After experiencing the audition process, watching the chosen ones this year really opened my eyes. Every one of them possessed a distinctive and original voice. Too many think it’s all about powerful vocals. Not true! It’s about style and delivery. Last year I sang the song “She Talks To Angels” by The Black Crowes. This year I’m singing “Amazing Grace.” Why? Because it’s a song which is difficult for a judge to draw a comparison. They will hear my voice, my style, and not the original artist.

A week later I will be auditioning for “America’s Got Talent” in Indianapolis. This will be my first audition for this show. Although I don’t know what to expect, I will follow my own advice!

Prepare to have fun, and mentally visualize singing “in the raw” before a judge. Don’t let your nerves shave the edge off your performance. Consider reading a series of articles I wrote about how nervous I became at my previous audition. The bar is high, and the talent is as good as it gets. I watched a multitude of great vocalists get rejected. Don’t approach the audition in desperation. Too often we watch some few select tell their story of throwing caution to the wind, selling their first born to make it to the auditions. Be confident, but don’t expect to blow away the competition.

Feel honored if you are chosen, and most of all have fun. Although I was rejected, I learned, and it changed me as a singer. It will humble you and at the same time provide you with more confidence as a performer. It takes guts to just give it a shot — to sing a capella before someone judging you!

Good luck! Pray about it, represent, and go Rock God’s House!