HELP… How Do I Get People To Join An All Girl Band?

I have been trying really hard to get three other girls to join an all-girl group, but it never happens. Do you know any websites that helps put groups together? I keep getting answers like make a Facebook page or put up flyers, but what would I say? If you read this, is there anything you can suggest that might help me? Please!

Abbie’s Reply…

Abbie Stancato of Rocking Gods HouseI’ve formed many bands over the years. Here are some questions you should resolve before continuing your quest.

Genre – Have a list of songs you want to play, the style of music you like, and know what type of performer you want to become.

Originals or Covers – Do you want songwriters who are working toward recording original material, or do you want to play the club scene.

Level of Talent – This is more difficult than you think. The great players are already making money and playing. If you start with substandard players, you will end up with a sub-standard band. If you are willing to start a band with all newbies, be certain they have the drive and talent to make the long haul.

Vocals – This is the most important of all the advice I can offer. No matter how great everyone becomes musically, you are nothing without a great singer. Again, if you settle just to get started, you have crippled your opportunities. Furthermore, do you want everyone in the band to sing. It’s difficult to find multiple vocalists who play instruments. Additionally, the more lead vocalists in the band, the more egos for all to confront. There’s a reason why most bands only have one lead vocalist. Other than consistency, everyone wants the spot light and then jealousy erupts, often destroying the band.

Leader of the Band – As the person forming the band, I will assume you will lead. That means even though you can make it a democracy, you need to establish a coherent direction. Nobody will join your band if you have no vision to offer.

Once you’ve answered these questions. Either look for a band who is missing your position, or start seeking band members one person at a time – Try I’ve used it many times to put together bands. Place ads at every music store in town. Look at churches. Churches are one of the best breeding grounds for talent. They often take people who are new to playing and teach them how to become seasoned. Go to music stores and ask to speak to an instructor. Explain to the instructor your need to form a band. Often they have students who are just dying to start playing with others.

When you create your fliers… Consider offering the name of the band if you have it, the style and genre of the music, level of musicianship, vocal abilities required, and contact information. You said others mentioned creating a Facebook page. That may help, but it is better used to promote a band, than build a band.

You can settle for mediocre players who want to work hard to become great players, but never settle for any player who settles for mediocrity.

Good luck!