Ana Fernandez and Betty Malo of
“Private Lives of Nashville Wives” Interview!

Josh Bechler Writer for Rocking God's House

To me there is nothing more interesting than discussing faith, family, and music with two feisty blonde Cuban-American entrepreneurs who also happen to be twin sisters. They were born only one minute apart,  and they are the stars of the popular TNT reality drama show Private Lives of Nashville Wives: Ana Fernandez and Betty Malo. They had me laughing during the entire interview. We discussed the challenges of being on a show that interacts with the private and personal lives of some of Nashville’s most prestigious country music stars and their wives and families; and they even gave me some insight and spoilers that I promised I would keep to myself about a potential season 2 that may or may not be in the works.

Private Lives of Nashville Wives At Rocking God's HouseBetty Malo is the wife of The Maverick’s lead singer Raul Malo. Together they have three sons: Dino (18), Victor (17) and Max (13). She is a recipient of MTV’s Best Designer of the Year award and founder and chief designer of Betty Badd Couture. Her works have been worn by Keith Urban, Miley Cyrus, Jamie Foxx, and Sheryl Crow. Together, her and her twin sister Ana Fernandez make up a very unique dynamic duo — a true force to reckon with. As typical sisters, they will argue, and then make up shortly after, and their open and honest approach to everything makes the television show feel authentic. They will cheer for the underdog and speak up for injustice (I totally just made them sound like superheroes), and Ana and Betty have teamed up with Bright Star International to help bring awareness and raise funds for breast cancer research. The fight for the cure is close to their hearts, as their mother is a breast cancer survivor. The ladies are hosting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity where they are letting their fans come to a red carpet viewing party of the season’s final episode, “Bless and Release.” They will also be a part of a live twitter chat during the show. The event, taking place from 9-11 p.m. on Monday, is located at Hard Rock Café on 100 Broadway in the heart of Downtown Nashville. If you are in the area, be sure to swing on by. Besides Fernandez acting as host of the event, the rest of the Private Lives of Nashville Wives cast will be making an appearance as well.

The show follows the lives of six successful, assertive women as they navigate the stormy waters of balancing family, friends, and their professional lives. As can be expected with a group of women as fiery as these six, plenty of drama ensues as claws are drawn. I discussed the show in a very lively and delightful chat with twin sisters Betty and Ana, and it started off with them asking me a question!

Ana: What made you watch the show? I am always curious to get a man’s perspective.

Josh: I interviewed Gary Chapman about his new record coming out, and he told me about the new show that he and his wife were going to be doing. I have been watching since episode one, and I have been faithful all the way to the end.

[Josh now assumes the role as interviewer]

Josh: Tell us about the viewing party. Can everybody come?

Both: Yes, everybody can come. It is for the final episode called “Bless and Release.” It’s a red carpet event hosted by myself and Betty and Hard Rock in Nashville. This coming Monday it starts at 9pm downtown Nashville. We have some amazing prizes; we are actually giving away a Les Paul Gibson Guitar signed by the entire cast. You have to go to the Ana & Betty Website to enter to win, and what we are going to do is put everybody’s name that enters into a big bowl, then pick out a name, contact that person, and ask them questions about the show. It is a really nice prize, and you need to know your Nashville Wives trivia.

Tell us about the last episode?

Both: The season finale is really nice and very emotional; we are trying to create friendships and long-term bonds or just say, “You know, we tried.” And It also has some positive closure with the troubles facing Sara Davidson in her life.

You guys where raised Catholic. Can you tell us your current outlook on faith?

Ana: I will be completely honest with you because I haven’t been asked this question, and I am so excited about this question. We grew up going to Catholic school our whole life — from kindergarten all the way up to our senior year of high school. I was in trouble with the nuns — always (laughs). Before I got married I went to confession and later found out that the priest had told my future mother-in-law everything I said during my confession. So I was really turned off by the Catholic Church. After we started filming this show, at the beginning of the school year, my daughter started going to Overbrook, which is a Catholic school here in Nashville. The principal there, Sister Mary Gertrude, she sought me out. I don’t know if she sensed my feelings — every time I walked on campus I got the heeby geebies; it was very difficult for me. And we started meeting, and she changed my life after such a void [in my life] for so long. She just took the time to talk to me and listen to the feelings I had bottled up, and she let me talk to her about my feelings of going to Hell because I am not part of the Church anymore and all these other things I had in my heart growing up that I had felt so guilty about: she re-worded them and told me, “No, you are going to Heaven.” She basically restored and re-energized my faith and feelings in the Church. Thank You, Jesus.

Betty: I believe in faith. More than religion. To me my faith is not inside the walls of a church. For me every day I try to treat people the way I want to be treated. I actually try to live my life that way. Yeah I do mess up and do things that may hurt somebody like my family, but I am not going to say I am religious because I don’t practice it in the way I live. So many people, it is really sad to say, although they go to some kind of service every week, they don’t walk the walk like they talk. My point on all of this is if you believe in God and Jesus, just treat people the way you want to be treated and be good.