American Idol Star Sarina Joi Crowe
Talks about Her New Music!
Sarina Joi Hold On Me Album At Rocking Gods House

Josh-Belcher-At-Rocking-gods-HouseMiddle Tennessee native and American Idol Season 13 Contestant Sarina Joi Crowe is making some big moves musically over the summer. Her new single “Hold On Me” is receiving rave reviews and heavy radio play on XM Radio and iHeart Radio stations nationally, and it can be found on all digital music outlets. She recently performed at the BET Awards, lending her talents as a back-up vocalist to American Idol season 12 winner Candice Glover, and she has also performed on several shows for the BET Experience. In an era where the music industry is lacking great singers and auto-tune is king, Sarina Joi Crowe is making a name and a huge impact on the music industry. I had a chance to chat with her about the exciting things happening in her career and about things on the horizon that will be a delight for her fans:

Tell us about the new single “Hold On Me.”

“Hold On Me,” it is kind of something different for me because I am used to acoustic performances and songs with me just writing and performing with my guitar. Just more indie type music. Basically, it is just a pop record about being with somebody and being in love with them and the feelings just taking over, like the first stages of dating somebody and feeling bliss. When I got the track, I definitely did not envision a love song. But then when I heard the music within forty-five minutes I wrote the whole song. It is just real fun, and it has something in it for everybody: a little pop, a little rock, it has got some rap in it for the people who like hip hop. It is everything that you would want in a song.

Congrats on your performance on the BET Awards. Could you comment on the experience?

It was several performances in Los Angeles, June 27-29. The BET Awards was Sunday and Candice Glover the American Idol winner of season 12, she was performing with a variety of different artists, and so she just asked me if I would help her out and contribute back-up vocals, which I don’t mind at all because I love to sing and perform period. We did one show on the 21st of June and that was [with] her band [on Thursday] the 26th, and Eric Benet and that was Friday the 27th, which also was my birthday. We did the Staples Center show where she was on the bill with Jill Scott, Marsha Ambrosius, and Maxwell. It was probably one of the most fun experiences I have had since being on American Idol.

Is there a brand new EP in the works?

Yes, it is very much in the works. I am juggling it with getting ready to go back to college in Chicago in August and doing a lot of different performances and hopefully booking a show in Franklin. The EP will have seven songs, and it will be a variety of different songs, genres, and sounds. I appreciate all kinds of music, and it will show when I lay down these new tracks — a lot of stuff that I have written with just me and my guitar. It is in the works.

How do you feel about embarking on your own tour?

If I did get the opportunity I would be honored and love to play for new crowds and meet new people and hopefully get some new fans, so that would be a really great experience for me. I would look forward to an opportunity, and I would definitely put on a memorable show for everyone. It would be a fun opportunity if it happens.

You got your start in church and have a very passionate voice, would you ever contemplate recording any gospel songs or maybe even a whole album?

You know, there are several that I absolutely love to perform and sing. Some are standards, some are more contemporary, but they fit my mold and I love singing them. For me that is where my love for music begins, and I always take time and give thanks to God for giving me my talents. So, yes, I would say I would definitely be up for recording a Christian album if an opportunity in the future rears itself.