I’m 61, What Musical Advice Can You Offer?

I’ve been playing a long time. I have written a a handful of songs, approximately twenty-five. I suppose I need to consider myself a senior at 61 years old. Still love to write sing and play. Would you have some advice for me as I continue down my musical path?

Abbie’s Reply…

I remember while in my twenties, an man in his sixties said he always wanted to play piano, but now it’s too late. I replied, as long as he had both feet above ground, it was never too late. He laughed and said when I got older, I would understand his perspective.

I am now 51 years old. If I am capable of doing something… I will. I have a recording studio in my home. I write music, and continue to learn new instruments. I am a Music & Worship Director playing Contemporary Christian music. I started Rocking Gods House just this year, and in July I will have my 17 year old daughter escort her 51 year old father to St. Louis so I can audition for The Voice.

This has nothing to do with trying to hold on to my youth. My youth is over, but I’m not dead! I first and foremost do this because it is all a gift from my Father in Heaven. Secondly, I want my children to understand that nothing is impossible or out of reach. Thirdly, I want to represent to everyone my age, that I never forgot telling that older gentleman years ago he was never too old. I see many people my age who are just going through the motions of life – they’ve stopped living and just perpetuate. God wants us to serve him all our days, not just in our youth, and not just musically, but with whatever means we have available to offer.

To finally answer your question – Pray about it, and just keep moving forward. What I mean by that is just do it. If you have songs, ask to perform them at every church which will allow you in the door, consider becoming a Music or Choir Director. By the way, I can’t read a note of music, college level musical skills are not a prerequisite! Consider using a company like TAXI which I have written several articles about. They offer you opportunities to sell your music to the industry. Consider teaching and share your gifts with others.

As long as both feet are above ground I will serve the Lord – Do the same and represent!