About a Mile — Self-Titled Album Debut
Interview with Guitarist/Vocalist Adam Klutinoty

Abbie Stancato At Rocking Gods HouseThe debut of Christian artist About A Mile is July 15, 2014. This band is comprised of a talented band of brothers who have been raised strong in faith. However, this band has traveled well beyond a mile — down a very long road. Shortly after signing with Word Records, lead guitarist and vocalist Adam Klutinoty became ill, making the journey to their debut longer yet, ultimately, more fulfilling. Many of the songs on the self-titled album are a reflection of their personal trials, tribulations, and triumphs.

About A Mile is on the same label as Big Daddy Weave, NEEDTOBREATHE, and Sidewalk Prophets, to name just a few. That’s not by accident. About A Mile is a big caliber band just waiting to happen. Word Records will be sporting one more mega-band within the next several years!

About A Mile band has a bright future. They are talented, gifted, and ready to take the word of God to the masses. They are great songwriters and musicians. This CD has something for every Christian. The songs are well written and produced, deep in meaning, and, most important, relatable.

Listen to their music; remember their name. It will be enjoyable watching this great group of Christians represent Christ and the kingdom of our Father for many, many years to come.

I had the opportunity to interview Adam Klutinoty of About A Mile following a show from his brother’s church in Indiana.

Christian Artist About A Mile At Rocking Gods House 1Tell me about your family background?

My family consists of my mom, dad, and six kids. My oldest brother Mike is a worship pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel Church in Granger, Indiana. My brother Jacob is a youth pastor back in Pittsburgh. He plays guitar for the kids, and when he’s preaching, he sometimes leads worship. My brother Levi is the band’s drummer, Luke is the band’s bassist, my little sister Lydia plays piano, my mother plays a bit of piano, and my father 12-string guitar. When we were younger and my dad still had a mullet [laughing], he would write and sing us songs.

How do your parents feel about your music?

I remember when I started the band with my brothers. My dad encouraged us. Sometimes he would listen to the songs and tell us, “If that is written about God, I like it, but if that’s about a girl, I don’t know about that one.” I will sometimes write a song about a relationship with a girl or love, there’s nothing wrong with that, but if we’re doing that all the time then people may question if all the songs are written about Christ. My father didn’t care if we played in a band or in the steel mill. He just wanted to steer me in the direction to honor God and serve the Lord. It took me a long time to get that.

Growing up in a Christian home, our mom and dad’s deepest desire was for us to serve God and have a relationship with Him. I remember when I was six my parents asking me if I wanted to accept Christ into my life. I didn’t love my Savior then like I do now. At the time I just loved my parents and I didn’t want to disappoint them. I wasn’t worried about doing the right thing to please God because I didn’t know Him like I do now.

Tell me about your walk with Christ.

Anyone looking into my life to see what Christianity looks like is going to see where I failed and will be let down and disappointed. We cannot live up to Jesus Christ’s standard.

I had trouble coming to Jesus Christ. When we went on our first tour, I met a lot of people claiming to be Christians. Some of them believe in some pretty wacky stuff. We played at some churches that believed in different things. I was wondering how could all these people who call themselves Christian all believe in different things. However, when I stopped looking at other people claiming to be Christians, I started looking at Christ’s example who we strive to be like.

I would see other Christians and ask myself, is this really legit? But that’s not the right thing to do. I was never taught to do that. I was taught to show people grace like Christ did because I knew I needed grace. Whenever I dug into the Word, I figured out what Jesus Christ is about, that when I realized the truth, that His word was what I was to live for. That didn’t come about until I was about twenty years old. This was after we have been making music for a while.

What’s the purpose of your music?

The main purpose of our music years ago wasn’t to get the Gospel message out. When we heard that Jesus carried the Cross about a mile we named the band “About A Mile.” We realized this is for real. We want to take this thing and use it to spread the Gospel and reach as many people for Jesus as we can.

I read somewhere you developed an illness and became suicidal, tell me about that?

I had an illness called Ulcerative Colitis a stomach illness which caused my stomach to bleed. It got to the point that I would throw up anything I would eat. Becoming suicidal? No! I would never end my life. But I remember asking myself what has my life become. I was so sick. I did get to the point of asking what am I living for.

My health was always important to me. In high school I played football and was always very healthy. It was taken away very quickly to the point where I was reduced to a stick figure. I felt if someone was to shake my hand my arm would break off.

I can see the darkest parts of that story where God was using it to write at least two songs. “Who You Say You Are” is specifically about the illness. My darkest night was when that song was written. I have people write me saying they have to listen to that song every morning. Some of them tell me they are still sick and my story goes right along with what I was dealing with. I’m no longer struggling with it any more. Now that people are encouraged by my story, I see why I went through it.



“Who You Say You Are” Lyrics excerpt: …I may not understand everything you have planned; but you hold my world with steady hands…

How did the illness affect your outlook on life and your music?

I can now see where the good came out of it. Now God has delivered me from that sickness. I was sick for 2-1/2 years. Half of our album was written during that sickness. His way is better than mine. I pray every night His will be done! He had a plan to allow that sickness, and to take it away. If it comes back; God’s will be done. “Who You Say You Are” was not really written about getting better from the sickness or God seeing a plan to be fulfilled in this lifetime. If I believe the bible is true, which I do. I believe I might not see growth from my pain in this life, maybe it’s going to be in heaven. I know God is going to work things out for the good of those who love Him.

“Who You Say You Are” is about believing that any of that was true. God are you even there at all, do you have a plan, I was seriously doubting my faith. For me it’s all or nothing. God’s word is true! The God that I live for; the God I pray to every night is right beside me now. I have nothing to worry about. Compared to the mind set of none of it is true, and maybe God was never there at all. That’s the scary place!

There are people out there going through so much worse than I could imagine; and they’re praising and worshiping God! Look at the apostles singing in prison, getting stoned, suffering ship wrecks and murder, and the whole time worshiping God because they believed. We’re telling people with that song… Look at who God is, who He says He is. He says He loves you, has a plan, and is going to work things out for the good. We have a future in heaven and hope in Him. Focus on that, not your present situation. Focus on His eternal greatness, and goodness, and just believe that God is who He says He is.

My favorite song is “In With The Out Crowd.” Why did you write that song?

It’s our own personal take on how to be a Jesus Freak! I think everyone has felt like they don’t fit in, or they’re not cool enough. God made us fearfully and wonderfully. We’re special and loved in His eyes. That song is about shrugging your shoulders and forgetting the “In-Crowd.” It’s cool to be a Jesus Freak. It’s not cool to be a rebel without a cause, and rebel for no reason.

I noticed you have entered guitar competitions, has that benefited you?

Yeah, it’s cool and fun to do. It’s been an awesome thing to benefit from. I’ve always liked blues music and did a Guitar Center competition where I played the guitar with a spoon (Check Out This Awsome Guitar Solo). It’s cool that people who wouldn’t listen to Christian radio might see that video, and come find our music. I think our current stuff is cooler. Like the song “Satisfied.” That style is our favorite stuff. Our CD is our most proud accomplishment as a band. But we don’t want to forget about those who don’t listen to Christian music. So if we can put out some guitar solo videos to attract them to God, that’s cool.

You are a great guitarist. I hear your skill level in the music but not those shredding guitar solos you’re capable of producing. Do you plan on going there in the future?

We want to bring that out in the live shows as much as possible. We wanted the songs on the album to be as listenable as possible and not just shredding solos because we can. If they fit in at the right place, we’ll fit them in there. We try to tastefully add that factor into our shows.

We appreciate everybody who is getting the album and spreading the word about us.