Aaron Watkins of Random Hero Interview:
Bringing Light to the Darkness!

Josh Bechler Writer for Rocking God's HouseChristian Recording Artists Random Hero is a very energetic positive message rock band from the mountains of Denver, Colorado. For the last seven years, Random Hero has been working hard to build a fan base with their musical ministry. The band’s foundation and ultimate goal is to bring a clear message of hope with hints of solid rock music without sounding too “preachy or churchy” to people who otherwise might never hear the Gospel. One particular thing I find really cool about Random Hero is they believe they are “musicianaries” to a world that needs and craves encouragement and to be brought from the darkness to light! They have a new single entitled “Mercy” that is currently #5 on the Christian Billboard Rock Charts, and they have a fresh record deal with Red Cord Records (in association with Sony). The band has appeared on MTV’s Made, they composed the official theme song of the US Air Force “Guardians Of Freedom,” and they are the official band of the Rise Up Tour! They have found a way to minister to the masses and it is working!

I spoke with Aaron Watkins, the band’s lead vocalist:

The band’s mission is “To be light in the darkness.” Could you explain that?

“To be a light in the darkness” means that we want to be a light in this world as it seems everything around us is continuously getting darker and seemingly hopeless. We want to make a positive difference rather than add to the craziness of it all.

What will fans expect from Random Hero in 2014?

2014 is going to be an amazing year! Fans can expect a brand new record and loads and loads of touring, hopefully to see them all! We definitely believe this is going to be a game changing year for us.

How did you guys get linked up with RED CORD RECORDS, and how is the collaboration so far?

We got hooked up with Red Cord Records through our good friends in Southbound Fearing, as well as our manager reaching out to them during the shopping period. Red Cord has been amazing. We are so excited to get to work, especially in the studio. They are definitely bringing a lot to the table for us and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Red Core Record family!

Tell us about charities and non-profits you are involved in?

My background in counseling has opened several doors for us to be able to be a part of different charities/non-profits. One program called Suicide Education and Support Services partnered with us to create the “Rise Up Tour” where we were able to go into high schools, play a show as well as have speakers to educate kids about suicide awareness. That program is amazing: just to see how many kids get connected with people who care about them to get the help they need instead of taking a destructive path towards suicide.

“Mercy” has been playing pretty heavily on a lot of radio stations and getting positive reviews. What is your next single?

That’s so awesome to hear! We have been in talks about that, and it’s looking like our song “Unbreakable” may be the one we release next.

When do you plan on starting work for the next album?

We are currently in the process of demoing out new songs for the new record and are slated to hit the studio in early February. It’s going to be amazing!

Who is going to produce the album?

As of right now it’s up in the air who we are going to go with. We have some options and are still in the process of choosing who will be the best to go with.

How important is it to your band to express your faith with your fans?

Expressing our faith to our fans is what Random Hero is all about. We feel called to be “musicianaries” and bring a message of hope to our fans and those that are hurting. We want them to know that God loves them no matter what they’ve done, that He looks at them and smiles everyday because they are a masterpiece in His eyes.
Thank you so much for all you guys do at Rocking God’s House. Your support is amazing, and it really means the world to us. Be blessed!