Diana - Staff Writer - Rockin' God's HouseAaron Robinson’s freshman debut is titled “Mysteries of the Kingdom.” The melodies of the title track and the toe tapping “Our Great Savior” make this CD a joy for listening. Aaron grew up in a musical family with four siblings. Everyone sang and played string instruments while traveling throughout their hometown near Flint, Michigan. Though Aaron was not the stand-out performer when he was younger, he admittedly was a shy kid, However, once he started singing he could not be stopped. He knew he loved music, and decided to get a degree he could use. God had other plans.

At a youth camp between his junior and senior year, Amy Grant took the stage and told of how she perused her musical dreams. This led Aaron to Butler University where he majored in Music Theory & Composition. Aaron still lives in the Indianapolis area today and is part of the worship team at College Park Church.

There he met his wife Amber, and his love for Compassion International. Amber’s family was very involved with Compassion International, so Aaron readily admits he married in to Compassion, but has found a passion all his own. He speaks fondly of their Compassion child, Diana, and the joy that have received watching her grow and flourish. He has even started performing concerts to benefit the Compassion mission.

Also close to Aaron’s heart is memorizing the scripture. He speaks about the importance of connecting to the living word of God. Aaron’s website, offers a great blog about how “squares” are used to help assist in memorizing the scripture.

“Mysteries of the Kingdom” is a well-produced freshman effort. One Delight, the seventh track on the CD, was the runner-up in the Gospel Music Associations, Immerse Song Competition. The CD was produced by John David Webster of Moontown Records in Carmel, Indiana. Aaron raves about the process John David used and how he really cared about finding out what kind of artist Aaron wanted to be. Aaron went in to the studio with twenty-four songs, and came out with ten polished tracks.

A day trip to Nashville to record the CD led to Aaron working with some great studio musicians who have worked with Faith Hill and Sara Groves. The entire CD was recorded in a single day. Then it was back to Carmel to put the finishing touches on the CD and finish production. Aaron’s music is well written and performed. This CD has something from everyone and is a must hear for those who love Contemporary Christian music.

Staff Writer – Rockin’ God’s House
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