2013 American Idol Contestant Josh Holiday Is On Rewind!

Josh Holiday was a top twenty male contestant in the 2013 American Idol competition.

“Rewind” is the most current release from Josh Holiday. If the song “Rewind” is any indication of his style and song selection, the artist Josh Holiday will become synonymous with Christian music. The song is well written with a very powerful hook. I get many song submissions from artists, this was worth presenting. I could use metaphors all day, so I’ll go straight to the point: “Rewind” is a great song; the more I listen to the song, the more I want to hear it again. Unlike most new artists which grace Rocking God’s House, Josh has a video which is just as effective and high quality. He may discover a career in video production if he ever decides to walk away from music.

The song is co-written by Drew Ramsey, Laurianne Cates Linton, and Mathew Linton. “It started from an idea I had in college,” stated Josh. “At that time Drew Ramsey (a Grammy Award producer) was my songwriting mentor. He offered me one-on-one instruction.”

I interviewed Josh Holiday, asking him to give us the 411 on his music and an overview of his music career.

What inspired the song “Rewind”?

Cease the day! Carpe Diem! We only get one chance to do this. Let every moment count. It’s an inspiration to just live! The way that I view the world is through my faith—through the lens of what I believe. Every artist creates through their own lens. Establishing and reiterating the fact that it’s always forward motion. You never get to go back and do it again.

When did you become a Christian?

I was six. I remember learning about heaven and hell. [laughing] I didn’t like the hell option! I’ve been a believer ever since. Now that I’m older and walking daily with Christ, Christ is my consistency when there’s nothing consistent. Nothing around us is stable, except the peace which come with our belief in God through Christ.

What has been the biggest trial of your faith?

Losing my father to cancer my senior year of high school. Those types of trials can either build you up or destroy you. In my case it did a little bit of both. I had some difficulty believing in prayer after his death. A common prayer I speak since then is “I Trust You.” No matter what happens, I’m learning to keep God first and to trust that everything else will be added.

How did the process of American Idol affect you spiritually?

I had no problem dealing with the experience spiritually. I maintained a huge support system. And I got to experience it with my great friend Rachael Hale who also made top twenty women. Back home, we rode to church together. I knew five of the top forty 2013 American Idol finalists. So it felt kind of like family.

What’s ahead for you?

I just released a duet video with Colton Dixon’s sister, Schyler Dixon. We were on Idol together. I’m finalizing a management contract. I got to co-produce and direct my music video, so I am hoping to get more opportunities with video production. I’m excited to see my family over the holidays.

Any final words to our readers?

Pray! Prayer works! I can tell the difference when people are praying for me. I felt very strong on American Idol because I knew so many were praying for me. I needed it!

James 5:16 says “The prayers of the righteous availeth much.” We all need that kind of support from each other. If we believe that God is who he says he is, we should live our lives accordingly.