Triplicity: The New Album from Red Roots!

Writer Josh Belcher At Rockin' God's HouseRed Roots is a musical trio who happen to be red-headed triplets! They’re three harmonious, talented sisters who use music as a tool to share their faith. They are a band who dabbles in a bit of country with a healthy dose of pop/rock.

The trio appeared on the second season of  “The American Bible Challenge” on (GSN), hosted by comedian Jeff Foxworthy and Grammy winner Kirk Franklin — a one-hour game show in which contestants compete based upon their knowledge of the Bible. The girls earned $5,000 for their charity “The Home of Grace,” an addiction recovery program founded by their pastor.

On January 7th, their third album “Triplicity,” will be released. They are especially excited about what they have accomplished with this record.

Red Roots have attracted an enthusiastic fan base from their live shows; Nika, Natalie, and Nicole have a stage persona as fiery as their red hair. They own the stage and engage the crowd with personal, easy to relate to lyrics and crisp banjo picking accompanied by guitars and fiddles. They are triplets, yes, but they each have very distinct personalities who unite around a common goal to bring glory to God through music.

I was able to catch a quick Q & A session with the sisters about their new project:

Rockin’ God’s House: Describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard you before?

Red Roots: Our sound would best be described as pop/country with a positive message.

Rockin’ God’s House: How does faith play a role in your music?

Red Roots: Our faith is the reason why we sing. Music is a tool to tell others about our faith.

Rockin’ God’s House: How did you come up with the name Red Roots?

Red Roots: Our aunt came up with it. Red Roots has a double meaning; on the surface it refers to our red hair, but on a deeper level it also refers to the red roots of Jesus Christ’s blood.

Rockin’ God’s House: Tell us about the new album.

Red Roots: It will be released January 7, 2014. It is definitely a personal album, and it is different than anything we have ever done before.

Rockin’ God’s House: How can people learn more about you? Are you active in social media?

Red Roots: Yes, they can find us on our website, Facebook or Twitter.