TAXI – How To Make A (Great) Living Writing Music! Part One – The Introduction

Abbie Stancato of Rockin' God's House

I’ve spent a tremendous amount of effort on this series, because it’s so important. Anyone who has ever, or will ever consider a career in music, must read the three part series.

I was recently asked how anyone can make money in today’s music industry. A common misconception, you must be a struggling performer, pay your dues playing smoky clubs, and pray for a break. This still works for a limited few. However, many starved, got tired of living broke, and gave up.

Now imagine being able to get discovered, and earn a good living writing music, from anywhere in the world. If you’re good, or desire to be good… Keep Reading!

Several years ago I discovered a company called TAXI. I researched them heavily, and became a member. TAXI is the World’s Leading Independent A&R Company. Many claim to be legit, but of all my research, TAXI stood above the crowd.

Here’s what they do. TAXI has built a client base of top level music, television and film clients seeking great music for their projects. I’m talking from Ad Agencies to Disney to record company A&R Directors. Their clients are busy and don’t want to go through artists submissions to find a few gems, so they solicit TAXI. TAXI requires a three-hundred dollar fee to join, has a lesser annual renewal fee, and a small submission fee when you send in a song, normally $5.00 each. The job listings are very specific and often offer sample recordings to give you an idea about what the client desires. Some listings spell out the payout structure, or dollar range the client is willing to pay. If the song fits the listing, it gets forwarded to the client. TAXI is thereafter no longer a part of the deal. If the client calls you, all negotiations are between you and the client. TAXI receives no additional fees or commissions.

I interviewed Mr. Michael Laskow, CEO of TAXI. “2013 has been an amazing year for TAXI. We have a ton of new companies listing with us, and more members than ever getting deals.”

“Membership is about 20% International. And we also work with international companies which are typically English speaking countries for film and TV placements typically Canada, Australia or UK based.“

I’ve watched TAXI grow over the years and wondered if they were too big. I asked, “How does a new member compete against so many other members?”

Michael replied, “You’re never in a competitive situation where you’re being compared to other TAXI members. It doesn’t matter if we get 27 submissions or 300 submissions. It’s not like we’re trying to pick the best ten. If you are really good, and really on target, we’d be idiotic to hold your submission back from our client. Nobody on the industry side is going to say, ‘Geez TAXI, you sent us too much great stuff!’”

Over the years I have recommended TAXI to other songwriters who may not be aware of the opportunities they offer. The number one response from those who have tried it and given up, they got tired of getting rejected due to the quality of their recordings or songs not being a proper fit for the listing.

I asked Michael to respond to those comments.  He said, “It blows me away when I read somewhere online where a songwriter says, yea, TAXI’s great if you got a great big catalog of really high level song material. Those comments scare a lot of people away. What most of them don’t know is that 50% of our reason for existing is to help songwriters to go from being a “C-Level” songwriter to an “A-Level” songwriter. The feedback that writers get from our screeners, or from attending our annual convention, the TAXI ‘Road Rally,’ develops their songwriting and recording skills. I continue to hear these incredibly heartwarming stories about people that go from being a C-Level writer to who one day begin to make a really good income, and can now walk away from their day job, and pursue a lucrative songwriting career. How? By removing their ego and taking constructive criticism from our screeners.”

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